Made plans to go to dinner tomorrow night with Dan…weird.. my social time with people seems to have about a three-hour limit… I doubt very much he can stay out/up past 11, and I do have work the following day.

Bro called up, and has some more $$$ for me! He got a portion of his settlement back (not the cop thing, something else), and will be putting a couple of hundred bucks in my hot little hand… I really dig that he’ll pay me back money that I give him, even knowing that I won’t harass him about it, or even expect it returned.

I have to call the community blood center, and see about getting back on the aphaeresis schedule.

probably my last post of the evening… night night, dear journal.

today was an impromptu “take your kid into work” day today… Dale and Paul’s children (a son and daughter, 12 and 6, respectively). I’ve only met Vaughn once before, but as of this weekend, he’s now living with Dale, so I imagine his visits will be more frequent. The genetics didn’t drift a great deal, if you compare the two… save for the 18-year difference, they’re pretty much identical. It’s neat to see shared vocal traits and physical mannerisms.

Flipside, Alex is very little like her father, physically. She’s a cute little doodle-bug, and Paul’s a big ol’ box of a guy… I feel sorry for any boys that decide to take a fancy to her… she’s certainly a daddy’s girl. 🙂

I often wonder what children from the union of my beloved and myself would be like… somehow, I picture her chromosomes being more dominant… having a little red-haired monkey-girl, exuberant and running around, getting into mischief and yet melting the heart of all who behold her… much like her mother before. (She’s got a vast amount of “adorable-genes” to spare).

pondering an old nonsense-rhyme:

the other day upon the stair, I saw a man who wasn’t there.
he wasn’t there again today… my gosh, I wish he’d go away.

It’s been gray and raining steadily since mid-afternoon… the soft white noise tries to lure me to a nap. I think I’ll hit the hay early again tonight, to finish recharging my trickled-down batteries.

I’m really enjoying my current diversion… designing outfits and powers for my freedom force characters. I’ve set up a few “danger room” scenarios… it’s fun combating Lego-bots, Wildfire, the Brown Hornet (from Fat Albert), Kool-Aid man, and a host of other skins.

my current team of four –

Flashback – Hero with a tie-dye pattern from head to toe and big ol’ Grateful Dead sun on his cape. Abilities – Teleport, Alteration, and some mind control tricks… along with Healing, and high constitution. Drawbacks – his area effect attack tends to hit him, too.

WMotU – Shapely and Wise defender of the good, able to use her innate Web & Net abilities to entangle opponents and improve the way of life for those she protects. She also has “Ol’ Betsy”.. a less than friendly rifle to stop bad guys at range with a cone of buckshot. She can fly & has a mystic shield that she can place on herself or others. Beautiful… you have to make a save vs. hypnosis to try to hit her. Costume is in orange and reds, with a wide domino mask. Drawbacks – Myopic… ranged attacks are difficult to aim (good thing Betsy shoots in sort of a cone)

The Cougar – powerful Claws and Teeth. Super leap, and danger sense. Area effect sonic “purr” . Speedy. He has an Orange Tabby/Tiger striped pattern, red cape. Hirsute (fuzzy, takes less damage from cold attacks) Drawbacks- Berserker AND Timid, and no real ranged attacks… (to reflect Newt’s tendency to attack ferociously, then run away, only to return and attack again)

The Pod – Wears a “Man-Thing”/”Swamp Thing” Green / Rust / Browns, no cape, though I may add a fuzzy white blanket later. large frame. Highly resistant to most kinetic, cold and mental attacks, still vulnerable to mystic, acidic, and temperature/fire-based stuff. Very strong and durable, low speed. ( Able to toss any weapon of opportunity at bad guys… cars, street lights, etc) Has the ability to climb walls, like a creeping vine. Can take extra time to do a powerful strike… “300-percenter”. Can reflect ranged attacks back at enemies. is able to create short-term spore duplicates of himself to cause even more mayhem for the baddies.

I may swap out flashback for some other type… not sure, yet.

Stuff at work.. more drama, little resolved. I’m stepping out of that perimeter until they chill out.

I have a *very special treat indeed* planned for my sweetheart.. but I won’t say what it is, until she gets it. (which may be weeks from now, depending on where I need to get certain things) I know she’s going to dig it, though.

Speaking of special treats…

Virus W32.Klez.H@mm found. File NOT cleaned.

This attachment has a virus that may infect your computer. It cannot be cleaned.
We recommend that you DO NOT download this attachment.

Sheesh… I get about three of these daily. I’d really like to know who’s sending it to me, so I can help them and everyone else on their distro list. (it drops straight into my Spam-folder for deletion, so it’s no sweat for me personally) It goes to my goofy old bigfoot addy, then bounces around quite a bit before landing in the disposal.

the header

the best recorded distance for projectile vomiting is 27 feet.

Weird dreams last night… I woke up with a sense of happy confusion… I wish I’d written it down. Hopefully, it’ll resume tonight when I hit the sack.

This morning’s walk was mostly uneventful, but I noticed more “work-traffic” out and about at 7:30 than at 9:00… funny how roads don’t get an even distribution of use… a few very busy times, and long periods of very little usage. I wonder if I’ll see hover cars in my lifetime, the asphalt replanted with short meadow-grass? I still want a personal jetpack.

I can’t seem to get this to load.

Pesky, because it sounds mucho nifty. I’ll try again later tonight. instead, I’m playing mad shark.

Why you should get a tattoo only in languages you can read.

My blood donation center sent me a reminder to come and donate this week… I think I’ll swing by there tomorrow, and do the deed. I’m overdue, and no longer on any meds. I know it might sound greedy, but I wonder what sort of treats they’re giving out these days? I can never have enough freebie T-shirts, donated by companies that want a nice tax write-off.



Well, off to work, dear journal… see you tonight.

Vikings that play intestines like a harp are cool.