jam-packed with journally ho-dads. entry #4282

It’s not abnormal to me, the way I live, ’cause I live that way.
-Ozzy Osbourne

There are a thousand stories in the naked city…I know about 86 of ’em.

I had an ok day today… Newt made it go by a lot more softly, as did some communication with my sweetie, later in the day. I’m still not looking forward to tomorrow’s fumigation cleanup, but at least the house will be wonderfully clean when I’m done… going to go catch a movie and do some mp3 player shopping with my bro on Sunday… hopefully the weekend will allow for some social time with my sweetheart, too.

I think I’m going to take advantage of my brief displacement, and have a long tub-soak.

Nurture or nature – what determines how brine shrimp will turn out? The Scopes Sea Monkey Trial tests both theories at once by raising the subjects in water from varying sources, including holy water.

and now, your moment of zen –

Even moonlit dewdrops,
If you’re lured to watch,
Are a wall before the truth.

– Sogyo (18th century)

Nighty night, dear journal.