drat.. the apartment behind me has been rented, and I forgot to pick up Newtie-food tonight. Ah well, tomorrow morning, then.

Hmm… little brother isn’t home from our meeting this evening… I’m going to ring the house up in an hour… I’m hoping he only got slowed down a bit. [update – 10:43, he just called… got stuck on an hourly bus. ]

sending loving and healing vibes to my sweetie… *vibevibevibe*

and now, the Friday five –

1. Laying on your back and facing the ceiling, which side of the bed do you sleep on?
middle, but a little more to the left.

2. Do you have to have covers on at all costs, no matter the weather?
Yup, at least a leetle sheet

3. Sleep nekkid or no? Why?
Usually Nekkid, unless I collapse totally wiped! I’m comfy that way!

4. What’s under your bed?
assorted Newt-toys, some dust bunnies, and a couple of reference books… right now, it’s GURPS Places of Mystery, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and Prometheus Rising by RA Wilson

5. If you have pets, do you let them sleep with you? Why or why not?
Yup, Newt’s slept with me every night I’ve slept at home since I brought him home…. Why? because I dig snuggles, man! Being cuddled to sleep is the way to go.

Yet another reason to save your work:

I left my last revision to the LRsetup program floating on my system last night… I come in to work today, and the machine is sitting at the login screen. Sometime between 8pm and noon, about an hour’s worth of work was lost, but no problem… my scratchpad still had the saved code in it, and all I had to do. Why, oh why, dear journal, can the developer’s kit for visual studio not implement an “auto-save” feature like my simplest of word processing programs?

doing outsourced data twiddling for a mailing to Peru… has first name, middle, father’s last, mother’s last… I need to do research on how they like to have things formatted “Peruvian Style”. I was happy when I get that ironed out, and could get back to real programming today. I got to ask Lourdes or Chupa about it, because The Rock is out on an extended lunch
today… possibly never to return.

Dealt with the pokey folks at the home office today…, and still no data for the laser room. I really didn’t want to stay late tonight… between them and telemedia playing at lead-butt, It’s a wonder anything will be done before the weekend. The C and X processes have been run for the first, but I can’t go anywhere near the third yet. Ugh… I’m usually well done with this part. At least it’s automated now, if still slow. I like the new format for the x process. fortunately I got to leave at a reasonable hour.

hiding text from search engines: can you guess the word?

I really like making prezzies for my sweetheart. She already knows sort of what one of ’em is, but will be surprised by the others. That reminds me… “Hey Thor! Where’s mah sweetie’s rain, man? I’ve got mine… where’s hers? huh? huh? Speak up, bub!” Silly thunder god.

I forgot to mention last night… the neighbor kid tore up the majority of my plants… only catgrass and sweet alyssum remain… so I gave Newt the catgrass to gnaw on… to make up for his mad from yesterday morn. I never did get around to supper, so now I’m huuuuuunnnnngeeerrrrryyyyy.

mad newt!

Newtie didn’t like me leaving for work this morning…blocked the door as I was leaving, in fact… but was more than happy to have me back tonight. His current toy – a Halloween plastic spider-ring. perfect combination of lightweight, looks like prey, and is easily batted around and fetched.

us holding hands on sea serpent-back

The things I daydream about at work… my sweetheart and I enjoying a day at the beach, with the loch ness monster (Nessie is the one in sunglasses.)… worked a little bit on a stick figure “flip book” animation, too, but didn’t finish it. I discovered that I’m not limited to screen-size in teal paint, but I can only see about 160 x 160 pixels at a time. Hopefully 576 isn’t too wide for my reader’s friend’s lists… if it is, I’ll put it behind LJ cut.

I found out that the apartments behind mine are going for about what mine is now… actually a little less, because the cable is free. I’m pondering a move because of the new landlord, and I’ve heard good things about that one. I don’t want to have to hole up in a hotel while they tent this place, or do renovations.. plus, the buyer has little respect for personal space.

I made a phone call to Thor, the thunder god… there will be rain where requested tomorrow.

Thinking that there should be fortune animal crackers, and other fortune foods… maybe printed on the side of corn chips in vegetable dye? Written in colored cheese on pizza… connected letters in alpha-bits, like magnetic poetry you can eat.

Am I psychic, or just observant? Sometimes I think it’s a little of both. I like the word “Delve”. I consider myself a Delver. I like to think I see things that are hidden from most eyes. (I sometimes see things that aren’t there at all, except in my mind, too.)

I am linus
Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

Hmm… let’s see what’s for supper… something easy. tomato ramen and a can of veggies, methinks.

The “Sunshine State” indeed… how about the “rumbling gray-skied rain that makes Scotto want to nap state”?

from pserv

The linguistic equivalent of an ecological disaster is looming, say researchers, who warn that 90 per cent of the world’s languages are likely to disappear by 2050.

*waves bye bye to British Romani, Tofi…. I hope good records are maintained, anyhow. Sort of reminds me of yesterday’s thoughts on how we look.

Just to play the devil’s advocate… is this such a bad thing, really? Is common ground for thought an acceptable substitute for diversity? Sort of like preserving an endangered species…the heart might be in the right place, but perhaps there’s a reason for it to be dying out, too… Making way for the bigger, stronger, or more adaptable things. Besides, we have people creating new languages, too… Not that I really want to hang with the folks who speak Elvish or Klingon, but Esperanto is a noble-enough calling. How’s that old gag go? “People who speak three or more languages are multilingual, two languages are bilingual, and one language are American.

Wouldn’t one common, unifying tongue be more beneficial, overall?

Danger, rambling entry ahead…

I like watching people, seeing how they react and function when they’re busy going about, living life. Seeing how they interact with each other and the world around them. Catching a person in a genuine act of care or love is the best of all… a mother cooing to her child, or vice versa… siblings playing nicely together… a couple of any age holding hands and smiling to one another. Body language is fascinating stuff. A hand on another’s shoulder can be one of discipline or kindness, depending on the setting. There’s never a shortage of folks to watch. I used to go to the airport in particular to watch people. a remarkable cross-section there.

I wonder about faces, sometimes. There are some people who look drastically different to me depending on where and how we meet. One girl stands out in my mind in particular, with whom I worked at the bookstore, back in the early 90s. Breyer (spelled like the ice cream, wit like the thorn) was especially odd in that way. She could run a range of looks that seemed to even change the shape of her face… from round, to a more square and then to sort of a diamond. I never quite worked out how she did that. It wasn’t changing a hairstyle, because she had pretty much the same sort of ‘do every time. Perhaps it was how she did her makeup.

I’ve noticed it in myself, too…photos of myself don’t seem to always “look like me”, at least the “me” I see in the mirror every morning. Even Newt has bad and good hair days…on rare occasions, he can look downright imperious and dominating instead of his usual fluffy-baby face. I know for a fact that I’m not photogenic.. flipside, I know a couple of people that look a thousand times better in a still image rather than up close and in real life. I’d like to know what causes that bias… perspective? film grain? lighting? magical pixies? Heck, I’m not sure… maybe it’s some sort of combination.

I get a similar vibe from looking at photos from the turn of last century… people *did* look different back then, either as a result from the elements mentioned earlier, or some strange “facial evolution” that can take place over as few as three generations. I wonder if it’s because we can travel more easily now, and spreading out the gene pool is simpler… a hundred years ago, a man in Florida would be pretty unlikely to mate with a woman in Maine, let alone England or Japan.

Where will we be in a hundred or two hundred years? a thousand? I wonder how strange we’ll appear to them, looking back over such a long photographic record… and will our visual representation be accurate in the way we see one another now? I doubt many kids from now will romanticize today…not like the old west or pirates, anyhow. Can you imagine some kid wanting to go out and play “like the Olsen Twins, way back in ’99!” or even Star Wars a hundred years from now, honestly? I’m guessing that Super-heroes will still have followers… but what’s the next big “real life” thing? Nostalgia is caught in a tight loop… a twenty-year hole with a modern twist. that 70s show, etc.

(Side note… when did “instead” become one word? “in stead” works, too… will “insteadof” become a word a hundred years from now?)

memory sparked from the reflection above –

The scene: sitting in the old tan Mercedes, riding home from breakfast after church. I’d had my usual of french toast, and my six year old brother had pigs in blankets with orange juice (he always requested “no pulp, please”, and was a cute little ash blonde-haired, blue-eyed squirt). It was summertime, because we were vacationing in the Keys, staying in Grampa’s spare “Retreat” a double-wide trailer in Marathon. I was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and a blue tie, already loosened as soon as we got out of Mass. Brother had similar gear on, but his tie was already off… Dad was out of his suit jacket, but still was snappy in a long-sleeved shirt and matching tie, with the rest of the boys. Mom was wearing a dark blue outfit, that had sort of a Nehru collar, short sleeves and a skirt, but looked professional. She had just started bleaching her hair to match my brother’s. (She’s been gray since she was a teen.)

From the Back of the car driving along the beach.

Me: “What’s a brothel?”
Mom:(Shocked) “What? Where did you read that?”
Me: (Pointing to a paragraph in a history magazine) “Right here… ‘an old west town traditionally had a single church with adjoining graveyard, a livery stable and hotel, barber/dentist’s office, a doctor, and the obligatory saloon with an upstairs brothel‘…. so what’s a brothel?” (I knew what all the other things were, including a saloon.)
Mom: (Takes the magazine, and flips through it, making sure I’m not reading some sort of crazy smut on the way home from Church…flips through it quickly and quietly)
Dad: “It’s like a cheap hotel, where you can rent rooms for short periods of time.”
Me: “Shorter than a night? Why would you want to?”
Dad: “To have a business meeting, or a party.”
Me: “Oh. Like a birthday party?”
Dad: “Sure…”
Me: “Can I go to a brothel for my next birthday?”
Mom: (Mortified… but silent.)
Dad: “Nope, sorry. It’s in a bar, remember? No kids allowed in there. That’s a place people go when they can’t have a party at home.”
Me: “They let kids in Sloppy Joe’s to buy cokes!”
Dad: “That’s true, but it’s just a bar. If it had a brothel in it, you couldn’t go, trust me.”
Me: “Aw, Man….”
Dad: “Maybe we could have your birthday in an bowling ally, next year? I think you’d like that better, anyhow.”
Me: “Cool!”
Bro: “I wanna go bowling!”
Me: “I wanna go bowling, today!”
Mom: “Let’s go bowling!”
Dad: “Let’s go bowling!”

So, we went bowling that day, after we went home and changed clothes. Small place, six alleys and two pinball machines. Much fun was had.

I didn’t encounter the word again until I was in high school, and found out the whole truth about what it meant.

My dad there was just about my age now. I wonder if I could think on my feet that quickly and if my kid would be distracted by bowling.

reading the morning news before work

First off.. I have a tiny tin Viking ship from Norway on my desktop… it’s maybe two inches long, and has sat comfortably under monitor #2 for quite a while. For some reason, the Noot has recently discovered it, and it is one of his favorite “hockey pucks” to kick around the desk, until it falls off and lands on the carpet below. He doesn’t chase it, but sits there waiting for me to replace it so that he can bat it around again. I’m not sure what caused him to discover this toy so recently. I won’t throw it to fetch, because it’s metal. As an experiment, I just tossed an army man, and he was very much up for chasing it, and bringing it back about five times before leaving the toy behind and returning on his own… trolling around for another toy, I tossed a paperwad, but he didn’t seem as interested. He’s now licking the crackle-nip-tick.

I look forward to doing this with my sweetheart. (among other things… )

Underoos Gallery!

A project to restore the extinct Tasmanian tiger via cloning has reached a milestone. Read the CNN story.

Iranian hardliners end Barbie dolls honeymoon

Recently Moral Police have stepped up arrest and harassment of shopkeepers for selling Barbie dolls and whatever decorated with different shapes of Barbie and its image which are immensely used by school children.

Read that sentence again. That’s a professionally written news article with an incomprehensible run-on sentence.

Moment of Zen –

Lodging in the world,
The body is like a dream,
If one lives in peace,
A day can be like a year.
Trying to sleep,
I toss and turn on the worn out mat,
And pace around and around
In my tattered monk’s shawl.
The Master suggests I
Make my bed among
The wind and bamboo,
And have a drink beside
The waters of the rocky spring.
A nod of the head,
And all worldly affairs seem wrong.
Laughing at myself,
I understand the wisdom of the Master.

– Su Shih 1073

I was supposed to get together with Jen this morning, to work on WID stuff… but I can’t find her phone number, and she’s not online…


Well, I hope she emails me or comes on AIM soon… Perhaps we can reschedule for tomorrow morning. It’s too late for me to head over there now, so into the shower I go.


Newtcam Icon

Playing with the “pictograph” cave art idea again for my home page. (the black and white will be colorized, and have decent alt tags, of course.

gollum taxiGollum drove my ride into work today. Thick, leathery hands on the steering wheel, tipped with long, sharp-looking talons perfectly suited for ripping fish from a river or peeling the flesh from a wayward goblin or two. A jutting lower jaw and heavy upper lip gave him an ape-like appearance… swarthy olive, almost greenish skin tones made the whites of his eyes glow all the brighter, though I didn’t get a sense of him seeing in the dark… he was perhaps a bit more muscular and large than a hobbit turned by evil… he was quite nice, and had a deep, but somewhat raspy voice. I don’t think Gollum had the big muppety eyebrows, either.

Brother called an acting agency, and they want a headshot… and they hooked him up with photographers that’ll do it for the cost of film. I’m going to get in on this, too…I think it’d be neat to be in a beer commercial or something.