note to self when I get my hydro-electric blimp, let newt pilot it. That boy knows everything about airborne maneuvers imaginable.

I just saw him jump from the windowsill to the top of the TV set, to the top of the fridge, making it look graceful and planned… this is the boy who when he runs on all fours, his back legs overtake the fronts, so color me impressed.

debating if I should just toss the Adirondack chair, or park it in front of my apartment for “night sitting”… it’ll probably get chucked.

Laundry is done, and I think one or two more boxes will have me packed to go, if that. it’s typhoon-raining out right now, so my body is calling out to me… “Scotttttttoooooo.. naaaaappppptime”

Who am I to argue with my body? it’s as big as I am.

I bet a dollar as soon as I lay down, Newtie’ll be in my room, and all snuggly. Let’s find out… results when I return, dear journal.