Up and have Newtie and myself holed up in the bedroom while the maintenance man replaces the front door. It didn’t really need replacing, but the new owner wants them all to match. I got my quiz wrong the other day… Dan was offered the chance to have a bit of cadaver bone added, or to have the bone taken from himself. no mention of plastic was made.

A follow up on Barbie


Talked to Doug & Cathy Wu online tonight… weird hearing from them both after all this time, but nice, too. They want to do some online gaming… 40’s supers, I told ’em I’d give it a try… it might be like old times. I wonder what Ray and Kathleen are up to… I hope that they’re doing well and are happy. Kind of a shame how we parted ways, but that year was a weird and stressful time for everyone. A pity that Dan isn’t more online.. he’d probably dig chatting with the Wu’s, too. He and Cathy were big buddies, and Doug and I always got along better.

Of that gaming group, I think that Ray and I were of the most similar minds… same stripe of weirdness and dark humor. Kathleen I admired too, because she was probably the first girl gamer I met that didn’t always play the skulky assassin-thief hybrid… plus, she actually role-played was just *nice*. I think I liked her even more because she and Ray were such a great couple… you could see that they really were in love. They offset each other… quite complimentarily, too. When it came down to my teaming up with another player or two, they would certainly be at the top of my list at that time. I could bounce banter off of either of them, and it worked out well. Kat’s Dr. Mid-nite and my Green Lantern, Kyoko & Trism, Blare & Khudrin, Spring & Zero, Ghost & Minimax. Great team-ups, all, under Ray’s GMing. probably some of the best times I had in role-play. We could team up as one group, the Wu’s could pair off as a second. I never could effectively run for Ray and Kathleen as a duo, though… Ray liked to get himself killed (it’s nigh impossible to have gotten one of the other GMs at the time to allow a killing blow), and my storytelling skills at that time weren’t the best.

The Colinas… I really liked them a lot. It’s too bad about how things worked out at the end. I’d like to rewrite that last three months or so, if I could.

Rik Landis… he, I still see online now and then… a swell guy, and I’m glad he found a nice wife and has his world in order. I gamed with him a few times after the main group broke up, but he was doing D&D 2nd ed… not my thing. I still like to see him yearly at the RenFaire, though. He’s my favorite monopod. A good hammy actor, well suited for boisterousness and such. Does a good wookie growl, too. A good-natured fellow.

Dan’s characters were always Dan’s. The Weasel… Zircon, Jasper… Man of Iron. Just nuts. Entertainingly so, usually… fortunately. I never really got into his epic fantasy school of GMing, but he did a good job with the cooperative cyberpunk universe, and his props were really nice. His NPCs were not the best, and stuff could drag on, but he was well prepared, and social banter at the table made things go pretty nicely.

Doug’s games I liked for the pure nostalgia side of it… he knows *everything* about the silver age of comics, and a heck of a lot about most everything else, too.

I haven’t thought much about those games in a little while.. those were some really good times.

In other news, Dan’s dad’s going in to have a whipple procedure done, and I hope everything turns out ok. I know Danny is quite concerned about it.

ugh, I’m drowsing here. Nigh nigh, dear journal.