okie doke… off to the hotel. I’ll probably do journal entries on the palmtop or laptop and synch ’em up later.

Sweet dreams, and have a good day tomorrow, dear journal. I’ll be activating the *noxious deadly vapor-cam* while I’m gone. I wonder how long it’ll stay running? (It seems to fritz out after about 8 hours or so..)

Nuts… the landlord called *JUST NOW* and said that the fumigators will be here tomorrow at seven in the morning, as opposed to the ten-ish, maybe eleven he quoted me yesterday.

That means I go to a hotel tonight, after I finish all the packaging up of stuff, including taking Newt to a new and strange environment at night to a place that might be less than welcoming.

I voiced my upset, but will be nice about it, and let this take place. What a hassle. Ah well, back to work.

Looks like that an epidural is the next step, after I get some blood work done.

Instead of surgery, they want to work with “managing” the problem, first…a shot of cortisone into the back whenever it causes problems. I need to research the side effects.

Meantime, the usual “back care” stuff… no heavy lifting, no improper bending or twisting.

A little tension after the diagnostics today… but otherwise, my back’s doing fine these days. Still hitting the doc as more of a preemptive strike for the next one, now.

Time for me to bag my loot before tomorrow’s gassing. 🙂

Explore the mysterious reaches of… the Moscow tunnel system? Yes, really. This article from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (yes, really talks about the people who are doing it, the things they’re finding (including corpses, an abandoned secret lab, and armed men in camo uniforms), and the things they hope to find (starting with the hidden library of Ivan the Terrible).

A bit of Googling turns up another piece about the same group, the “Diggers” – this one from Outside Magazine. But, hmm, there doesn’t seem to be anything of substance since 1997. That’s a long time.

Wonder if they finally crawled down the wrong tunnel?

Well, off to the Neurologist… see you later, dear journal.