Well, I’m online from the hotel…connected at a dragging 19200… but phonecalls oout are only $.72 apiece, unlimited duration. I get to stay here tonight and tomorrow…I can certainly smuggle newtie in tomorrow night. I found out about the friday night stayover today at 5pm, the landlord was pretty upset about it too, because the fumigation guys told him after the place was filled with the toxin… no going in to get more supplies…I’m lucky I grabbed two day’s worth of clothes. (I hate wearing the same gear two days running, unless I’m “roughing it” in the woods somewhere.)

Well, If not a disaster, it counts as half of one, anyway. bah.

$10 cab ride to the hotel. I was told it’d be non-smoking, ground floor, and allow newt.

Nope, nope, and nope.

Add to that the general unpleasantness of the owner… he saw I was struggling, didn’t offer to help with my baggage (a laptop, CPAP, bag of clothing…unwieldy, at best) I go upstairs, unload, hop back in the cab, return home, get newt and his food, and go upstairs. He comes following after me, and tells me that no pets are allowed.

I tell him ok… let me gather my things from my room, and I’ll be on my way. I have to hold onto Newt, so he doesn’t go anywhere.

He makes no effort or gesture to help gather my equipment, but instead says “I’m not playing around” as I try to gather my loot up to make it all in one trip.

I thanked him for all of his help and courtesy, and left…he replies with “Whatever”.

My retort was “I hope all of your permits are in order… I’m calling code enforcement tomorrow. Fuck you and yours.”

I got into the cab, and returned home, and here I am.

I’ve posted a sign on my door… “Tenant is inside, do not Fumigate” just in case, but I know that they have to open the place up with the landlord present first… all the windows and I think the doors, too. Regardless, I’ve set my wake up call to 6:30 am, so I’ll be up in time for it.

Work tomorrow is going to be really lousy… fortunately I’ll have Newt with to take the bulk of the edge off.

now, nigh nigh for real, dear journal.