Well, I now have three options for my next place of residence…. one sounds particularly good, as it’s still reasonably close by to my current domain, and the landlord not only allows cats, but actively likes ’em.

When I went out with Danny on Thursday, I saw a tearoom… is that purely a girl thing, or could I take my sweetheart there without breaking any social graces? I could go for some earl gray and sugar cookies right about now, for that matter.

Tomorrow, I visit with the Bro, and possibly with Dave & Cathi for a bite of dinner, too… We’ll see.

random Scotto factoid – the first time I saw star trek, I thought the breast insignia that they wore were surfboards.

Had a lovely long night with my sweetheart.. talking and sharing… lots of topics, thought provoking, fun, or both. Her laughter is a balm to me as is her purr. lovehappy sighlove

Y’know, I think the “mad quiz phase” on my friend’s list has finally settled down…I only noticed perhaps one or two trickling in now.

and I’m late, but figured it’d be fun to do anyhow….

What if Scotto was on south park

Hmm… it’s a-rainin’. Do I brave the wet, and walk the local blocks, looking for rental signs and phone numbers, or do I call my rental headhunter back? I’ll opt for the latter first, after my morning time in the pod’s steam chamber… hopefully by then I can do my walkabout search in more comfort.

before I go, here’s some search terms that found me recently.

Google oscillation overthruster flux capacitor
Google sex head in horse ass
Yahoo squished gallery
Google boys in apple jacks commercial watching a black and white mob movie

Until later, dear journal!