Drinking tea…. 4 scoops of loose tea, this time around I picked it up at the grove. A blend of oolong, keeman, asaam, and ceylon…. one for me, one for thee, one for the pot, and one for luck. I like it a bit strong.

I may opt for a nap later… It’s a good day for it, and I have my chores done…Maybe not… sakes, it’s 6pm already. The day has flown by. I may or may not get to se bro tomorrow…he’s going to call me in the morning and let me know what’s up.

Ahhh… I scavenged the 17″ monitor from the production Mac that Dave gave me a number of months ago… it works *much* better as a 2nd screen than the four year old 15 incher. (which will find its way to my brother, seeing as his current one is blinking yellow on occasion. I’ll bring it to him tomorrow… we have tentative plans to hang out and goof off for a little while then. He can enjoy poser and paint shop more effectively if the screen has all RG&B working on the same frequency.

The text on the 17 incher is still a trifle blurry, but much nicer than before. strange that the DVD window is still choppy on screen two.

Well, off to shower and get Newt some food before he decides to forage on me…I would prefer to keep all my fingers and toes.

Until later, dear journal.