Going with the bro out tomorrow morning to see Undercover Brother… the 10am showing. He as to be to work by 3pm, so the timing is good for a movie and a little lunch out to talk and hang around together. Added bonus, it’ll be at the theatre by my house, and it’ll be matinee prices, with *nobody* there… who goes to 10am movies? Me and him, and hopefully few, if any others. More fun to laugh loudly. Heck, there’s a 9:25 flick, too, but we’d both just as soon take that extra half hour and sleep in. The movie looks like a good bet.. .we’ll either dig laughing with it, or at it.

I’m so glad to have Newt back in the bedroom with me, and to be back with all my stuff again… nice to lounge in my shorts with everything clean in the house, with my books, blankets, and DSL. Very comforting to be in a familiar place, little fuzzy boy purring happily by my right foot.

I wonder where my sweetie has dashed off to? I missed her call by about an hour earlier… I suspect she’s relaxing somewhere comfortably, as am I. She could be anywhere, but she’s also taking up residence in my heart, as always…helping to keep the blood pump happy, and all that surrounds it.

I downloaded five episodes of Greg the bunny from kazaa…watched them, and deleted ’em. entertaining, but not worth burning to CD. I’m sorry that Eugene Levy can’t find a TV show that’ll last more than 1/2 season these days.

I’m now just chewing a bit on a little program that’s been rolling around in my head and will automate a few things that the Rock does at work, freeing him up to do more bringing in of outside clients. I know he’d appreciate it, as would Kev… (and it’ll look good next pay raise time, too. 😉 )

Well, I’ve tidied up my LJ so that it’s navigable again, but not nearly as pretty… I changed the colors to sort of a ornj and green…I may swap ’em back.

Sakes… I’m glad I didn’t go with the extended flash navbar, and making my LJ the core of the page…. stupid security risks.

Well, I’d like to assume I’m through the bulk of my “June Bugs”… all the little nit-noids bugging me throughout the first week or so of June. This seems to be a habit since the year 2000… but I’ll take it, if it means the rest of my year will be as good as the 2k’s past.

Newt amazes me with his supa-leap ability. from the floor to higher than a fridge… and he has some kind of weird “matrix hang-time” thing going on. Between that, and his prairie-dog up on hind legs routine, he’s a pretty surreal little guy.

I have a couple of different irons in the fire…lots of things I’ve been putting off that need to be worked on. Too much “real life” getting in the way.. I’ve been letting work stifle my creative and fun side. I’m going to have to retrigger the creative side, and minimize the indeciciveness that’s appeared and is playing havoc with my editorial power… writing and scrapping stories and webpages left and right… it’s time to grab a few ideas, lock on to them, and really produce.

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