Went to breakfast with the bro… we passed on undercover brother, instead preferring to gab and window-shop for bicycles and mp3 players. I bought a legitimate copy of freedom force… something I’d been seeking for about a month now… who knew K-mart would stock it? I had a nice time with bro… he seems to be doing well, and is enthusiastic about the coming settlement, thus the shopping.

The legit FF is much better than the pi-r8 version I had…. the sounds were ripped out and it was a playtest beta. the new version has all the powers and much of the audio cheese I was craving… I played it for a little while, but I’ve spent most of my return time goofing with Newt, when he’s wakeful. I can’t express how glad I am to have him home…. and he’s happy to be here, too…. so I’m spoiling him with a boatload of attention, where I can.

I’m looking forward to bro picking up his bicycle… I want to ride with him up and down the beach. It’ll be good to have a pedal-pal to take with to the sea and back… the beach cruiser I as looking at looked just about right for me, too… a good high seat, and I think a three speed is fine to get me comfortably over the canal drawbridge. It had shocks and an aluminum frame, so I don’t have to worry as much about jarring bumps or sea-air rust, either.