sleeping late with a cat at what’s better? seems to be stable at 89. I really want it to shoot over 100…

as of this writing – stats are –
Score: 89
Total Number of Wins: 288
Total Number of Votes: 539
Submitted On: 2002-05-27

By comparison…

General Zod: -19
Sleestak: -97
Mr Bubbles: 95
Quizno’s Subs: 56
the illuminatus! trilogy: 49
moist towelettes: 10

sharpie pens are tied at 89.

I’m considering tossing a few more things into the mix, but for now, I’m off to dinner, and then some reading before bed.

nifty keywords that got to my page –

Google clogs and socks
Google shanna the she-devil
Google integrated multimonitor
Google height:4 wrestler
Google first superhero to actually use terms like holy moley
Google pier one commercials kirstie ally

hmm… not many weirdo yahoo hits!

nigh nigh, dear journal.

The chair is very nice, and I had a grand brunch and conversation with Dan. 🙂

work today went nicely for me… solid but controlled, and I was happy to see my sweetie.

Chupacabra at work nearly got another person to quit, and she wasn’t even in Chupa’s department. Tia sent a scathing email to *everyone* in management about it, with poor grammar and a lot of slang to boot. the letter

good morning, dear journal

MS Linux: Shipping in November 2002 – Hee hee…

eclipse was weak from where I was last night.. only about 4% obscured… plus, it was raining.

Going to breakfast with Danny… he’s still decompressing from teaching… but he’s bringing over my Christmas present! A new Office chair… (he got tired of waiting for me to pick one out. 🙂 )

So, after assembling the thing, we’ll hit Ronnie B’s or someplace that has cuisine that meets his needs… he’s on a low-sodium, low cholesterol diet. I think we can do ok at ‘RBs… they have egg beaters there.

Not sure what we’ll do after eating.. I have to go to work today, but we should have about three good hours to hang out before I do that. Probably sit and shoot the breeze. We’ll see. Until later, dear journal.