Francesco was a meanie today, and didn’t meet up.. I think because the apartment still looked a little shabby, and the bathroom wasn’t finished yet. He was rude in that I called him up to let him know I’d be 10 minutes late, and he tells me he can’t make it at all.. no call or anything. I’d have just shown up and he’d have been MIA.

Two strikes against Francesco so far. (The first being the unfair price hike) Bro thinks that he may be leading me on, so that I’ll be stuck with his place as is… I suspect that may be true, or that F is spreading himself too thin, and is just inconsiderate. Neither is a good thing in a landlord.

My brother and I walked the neighborhood, collecting some more numbers… We found a one bedroom cottage that rocked, and is in my price range, but the owner has it promised to a girl in south carolina until July 2… two days too late… I’m going to call Francesco tomorrow, and see if I can still get the place, on a weekly basis… maybe move there, see if I like it, and then shunt to the cottage if the girl doesn’t come down…(though she’d be crazy to pass it up.. it’s a great deal, and a neat layout.) We’ll see what happens. one way or the other, I’ll be near Broward boulevard by the end of next weekend.

Upside, I did get out of work early, spent some time with my bro tonight, riding bikes and hanging out.. it is a beautiful neighborhood. Near the intercoastal, big, beautiful trees, a nice calm area. I look forward to moving there.

I admire the woman’s integrity by not being swayed by cash money tomorrow on the cottage…it’s just a pity her integrity is in the way of my getting that place when I’d like it.

Tucking in soon… sweet dreams, dear journal.

p.s. My Cable is officially off until I move into my new place. Videos and DVDs until then, I suppose for my background TV noise.

RIAA Shaman Defeats Bad Magic Box

Washington, FA wire – Under heavy lobbying from the Recording Industry Association of America, the U.S. Copyright Office decided to force internet radio stations to pay a 70 cent royalty per song. That figure is exactly 70 cents more than what traditional radio stations pay per song.

“It great victory for us,” said RIAA spokesman Thog, son of Og, in a press conference. “Strange machine make noise, sing our music, steal our souls! Strange box bad – powerful magic. But we smash! Smash!” To illustrate his point, Mr. Thog then produced a large wooden club and proceeded to pound a Compaq Presario repeatedly until it was little more than rubble.

“Thog right,” said RIAA president Grop, son of Muk, when reached at his cave later that day. “Funny box not like radio. Funny box evil! We smash! We win!” An elated Mr. Grop and the RIAA board of directors then held a fireside celebration that featured whooping, drumming, the sacrifice of a bison to the gods, and a performance by Metallica.

Odd… got added by a couple of people… I wonder where they came from… the hut? the random button? a mutual friend (I suspect friendsfriends)? a random comment I may’ve made? I’m always interested in knowing what brings folks by.

Today should be the day that I get my new place (on paper, anyhow)… I’m getting together with Francesco tonight at about 6:30 to see where the apartment is going, cleanup and price-wise. If everything is still good, I’ll give him first, last and security today. If not, I’ll sleep on any trouble-spots, and then decide if I want to deal with them, or if I want the palace near where I live now. (I’d truly, truly prefer to be near the bro.)

odd thoughts at the laundry yesterday… I found myself wondering what happened to the cranky old guy and if my new ‘mat will be as interesting. I wonder when my new neighbors will be like, wherever I land.

sleeping late with a cat broke 100! as far as I’m concerned, that’s where it belongs.