There… the boy is all won out… as am I! I forgot to mention that Newt is officially on rate my kitten

you can see him at the following links, and vote on his cuteness on a scale of one to ten. (the links open to a new page) – fetus-kitty (currently at 7.2) – my personal fave (8.94) – 3 weeks old… such a little boy (8.5) – first day at the office (8.38)

sad face – (7.56)

I think a thumbnail page is here, but it might only work for my cookie.

speaking of which, sleeping late with a cat broke 150 at what’s better?

Francesco put me off again today, but assured me that I’d be signing a lease tomorrow, at 9pm if all goes properly.

The current landlord came by tonight asking what my plans were… I told her that I’d let her know for sure when I knew, certainly by July 1. She gave me a key to the laundry room around back… so I can do a free load of laundry before I go. ;P

I’ve been wanting a new bed.. moving in is the perfect time to get one.

King bed sizes can be confusing. There are actually two “king” sizes: Standard King, also known as “Eastern”, and California King, also known as “Western”. These two mattress sizes are different by about 4″ in each direction. (The Standard King is wider by about 4″ whereas the California King is longer by about 4″.)

California is the way I lean, with my long ol’ bod. California King beds are 12″ wider than a Queen but a few inches longer. This size may be the best choice for taller adults. A California King is also known as a “Western King” and bedding may be labeled either “California King” or “Western King”. California King bed set comes with one mattress and two half-width box springs to be more manageable when moving.

Overall: 72″ wide x 84″ long… ample room to fit me, my sweetie, and any kitty-folk that’d care to rest, too. Much better than the long twin I have now.

Newt’s very talkative tonight… so I’ll go play with the baby boy some….

nighters, dear journal.

Fresh from the shower…

Talked to Francesco… he went down another $5… like that makes a great difference, but heck… it’s $60 in a year.

I hope that a fire gets lit under his tail and the place is done before I move in… I want all my stuff working, clean, and my privacy intact for moving in there.

Soon, I can get back to writing more varied life entries… take piccies of the neighborhood… and relax because I don’t have the sword of Damocles hanging over my head, looking for a place to move.

Scotto is… (seen around LJ… rgladiator and sholanda got me at the same time)

as sought on Google –

  • Scotto is the last of the mad-genius sopranos, dementodiva
  • Scotto is often referred to as the “NBC Commissary”.
  • Scotto is worth further exploration.
  • Scotto is likely to wear something like an alligator-textured vinyl miniskirt.
  • Scotto is pleased with les Braves’ progress because he has 12 new players, including the 10 rookies.
  • Scotto is an Assistant professor of theory at the Eastman School of Music.
  • Scotto is a Cal Poly alumnus, and is certified in horseshoeing and artificial insemination in beef cattle.
  • Scotto is first and foremost a man of the theatre.
  • Scotto is often the target of raised eyebrows, indulgent sighs and catty comments.
  • Scotto is tart majd mesterkurzust.
  • Scotto is stoically drinking a Coke, but his buddies at the table are downing Coors beer.
  • Scotto is approximately thirty years old and inexperienced in matters involving OSHA citations.
  • Scotto is the 14,186th most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.001
  • Scotto is famous from his legendary NASA parties in NYC and has been on tour with Moby, Dubtribe, Orbital, Dee-lite & the Prodigy.

last but not least –

  • Scotto is still being a pain in everybody’s ass.

Newt is…

  • Newt is a newtonian telescope design program
  • NEWT is the taxonomy database maintained by the Swiss-Prot group.
  • Newt is divided into four subspecies.
  • Newt is the subject of Koen’s Master Thesis study
  • newt is written in C, not C++.
  • Newt is very sensitive to “who” he is visiting.
  • newt is lemon yellow in color with black dots
  • Newt is a menace to society.
  • newt is widespread in the county, but there are areas in the extreme south, north west and north east where it has not been recorded
  • Newt is dynamic enough that it cannot be summed up in one sentence or a catchy phrase
  • Newt is slender and has relatively dry skin
  • Newt is an extremely sweet fella although most people do not get to witness that side of him
  • Newt is already talking about his plans to become Speaker of the House
  • Newt is special because he is my best friend and companion.
  • newt is slightly moist (just enough to keep its skin from drying out), with rough-scaleless skin and indistinct coastal grooves
  • “Newt” is often used by the monosyllable-challenged to refer to a Newton.

What kiss am I?