ugh, intruders.

More thunderstorms, so no walkies today.

New Landlady came by today… this morning at 7am, knocked on my door as I was soaking up lovely rainstorm nap-thoughts with Newt on my neck. I guess some guy is coming by today and the rest of next week to do some renovating…. replacing the doors so they all match, painting, window screens, etc. I didn’t even know the deal had gone through, yet but my “old landlords” are out of the country for a week on business, and I can’t get hold of them. I wonder if what the new lady is doing is ethical or even legal.

She didn’t like when I told her that she’s going to have to have me present for when any workmen are here… I don’t want Newtie getting out while I’m at work, and I’m gun-shy about new people roaming my halls when I’m not home anyhow.

I’ve posted a new sign on my door for the workers… “No entry unless occupant is home and lets you in”

My fear is that my request will go ignored by uncaring or illiterate types. I’m thinking that Newtie may be holed up in my bedroom for a while, just in case.

Police Dog Accused of Racial Profiling

If you find the headline inane, read the actual story. During a scuffle with much chaos and confusion, a police dog bites an innocent bystander, a kid, instead of the bad guy. The kid is black. Ergo, the dog is obviously a racist.

Folks, it’s a dog. We’re clear on that, right? This is an animal that does not have the mental capacity to make value judgments, a trait it apparently shares with its accusers.

I have known dogs that, say, didn’t like men, or people with crew cuts, or kids between 3 and 4 feet tall, or whatever. They associate those physical characteristics with people who have abused them (which is not the dog’s fault). I also know that dogs can in fact be trained to single out particular characteristics (again, not the dog’s fault, but I’m not getting into Skinnerisms here).

It’s not a case where the dog roams loose biting people, making it an obvious menace. In the heat of a confrontation, the dog made a mistake. A singular mistake. Dogs do that. People do that, too, but they at least get a fair trial, and I don’t think a human was ever executed for biting someone.

There are other complaints about the dog, but they were all filed, oddly enough, after the main incident and have yet to be substantiated. Hmm. Doesn’t sound like a frame up to me. Naaaaah.

The police department, in their wisdom, have removed the dog from service, but that’s not enough for some folks. They want the dog destroyed, put down, and a lot of other euphemisms for “killed”. Because, well, the dog is obviously a racist and acted with malice aforethought., and since we can’t take out our anger and frustration with human racists by killing them, we’re going to vent our spleens and kill the dog instead.

Why not burn a cross on his owner’s lawn and be done with it. Idiots.

And for the record, I’m not coming out as pro-racist; I’m pro-dog.

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