well, crap on a crap cracker.


Below is an answer to your support question regarding “Flash navigation bar

FAQ QUESTION: Why can’t I use JavaScript in my styles?

The and tags are now being stripped from LiveJournal. You will
no longer be able to embed Flash applications in your journal.

Allowing those tags caused security problems, much as would be experienced if
LiveJournal allowed Javascript. Please see the referenced FAQ for details.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Did this answer your question? If so, please CLOSE THIS SUPPORT REQUEST
so we can help other people by going here:

If this wasn’t helpful, you need to go to the following address to prevent
this request from being closed in 7 days. Click here:

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Inconvenience… yeah, kicking my LJ in the shins without any warning is an inconvenience.

Man, this must just be the week to toss gravel into my sandals. Well, I’m going to gather my laundry and fix my lj when I get back…

sakes… I really like that navbar… it’s made of love. maybe I’ll reproduce it sans tilting signs as a map… I hope those are still usable in LJ.

until later, dear journal.

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