I’ve not gone out for Halloween in 2 years.

Last year, I had a terrible yucka-cold.

the year before, I had Newton, who was only 3ish weeks old, and needed constant supervision. (feeding every few hours, and keeping him warm and loved… I was by his side 24/7 in those days.

This year… I think I can pull it off. I have no idea what to dress as, though. the last year I dressed up, I went out with a crew, as the scarecrow (albeit overstuffed) from the wizard of oz. Nicole as the witch, Heather as Dorothy… we took kids trick or treating, then went to see a free concert of Lenny Kravitz and a few other really great performers… I’d like to take Stephen & Elisabeth out for T&T this year, or Kev’s nephew and nieces.

Mallah & BrainThings I’ve been –

The Ape from the Murders in the Rue Morgue
A Grand Inquisitor
Concept Design – The Hunt (head of a stag, huntsmans uniform)
The Green Man
Pirate (eyepatch, yes! hookhand or pegleg, no!)
Little John (as part of a Robin Hood Theme)
Psychadelic Man (The *last* Time you’ll see me in an orange unitard with tie dyed cape and boxer shorts over the front)
Flaming Carrot (superhero with a carrot head the top of which which burned a jet of flame, wore swim fins and traveled by a nuclear powered super-pogo)
Monsuir Mallah & The Brain. (monkey suit for me, with bandolier and red beret… I pushed a tanked brain in a baby carriage)

I'm feeling better.

Feeling better… took some comfort in giving Newtie some loving, and am now officially lightened up. it only took about 2 hours for the feeling to wash totally over me, peak, and now, begin to abate. I’m looking forward to spending some time with my brother later this week, and maybe we can spend some good quality gabbing together.

I’m looking forward to watching COPS tonight with my sweetie.


I miss you, Dad.

Just got hit with a wave of sadness, at the grocery store. They were playing Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin, and it was all I could do not to bust out crying like a baby. I really haven’t thought much about my father being gone lately, but I was sort of blindsided by the tune and got caught up in a very sad state…not even over blowing off getting to see him, but because I won’t be able to. I can’t just pick up the phone and call him up to say hi. He really doesn’t exist anyplace now except in my heart and in scattered form over the Atlantic Ocean.

chupacabra song

chupa chup. not to be confused with chupacabra.Chupacabra! not a lollypop!!Her name is Chupa, the Chupacabra,
With ugly spikeys in her hair and a spine exposed to air.
She don’t meringue, don’t do no cha-cha,
But it’s the thing she does the best, That most people do detest.
She does it all night long, just listen to my song.
One day a goat will be walking by,
Next he’s awfully dry.

She’s the Chupa (Chup), the Chupacabra (Chupacabra)
Her mealtime’s a taste of macabre (Yeah?)
Yes, the Chupa (Chup), the Chupacabra (Ooh),
She sucks goat’s blood and she’s not my bud
Yes she’s the Chupa….She strikes at night.

His name was Pico. He was a farmer.
He once had 30 head of goat, now not one darn sheepskin coat,
Because the Chupa, she paid a visit.
And while our Pico slept in bed, Chup enjoyed much blood-a-red,
Pico woke up that day,
Did not know what to say,
There was blood and some 30 goat heads,
He knelt down to pray. She’s the Chupa (Chup), the Chupacabra (Chupacabra),
Her mealtime’s a taste of macabre (Yeah?)
Yes, the Chupa (Chup), the Chupacabra (Ooh),
She sucks goat’s blood and she’s not my bud
Yes she’s the Chupa….She strikes at night.

and both did it, so I’m on the bandwagon, too.

obtained from here, my comments will be in italics.


Birth dates: 20 January – 18 February mine is Feb 2. groundhogs day. candlemas. imbolc. you know the drill.

Earth influence: The Cleansing Time
Influencing wind: The North Winds. Totem:Buffalo.
Direction: North. True north or magnetic?
Predominant element: Air. Odd, too… I seem to lean to earth?
Elemental clan: Butterfly (Air) Clan. Function:to carry through. Hmmm.. this and the above are too vague for me to comment on, other than this statement.
Birth and animal totem: Otter. Otter. hm. I’m pretty Bearish, but otters are nice. Tool Users.
Plant totem: Fern.I do like ferns.
Mineral totem: Turquoise. A pretty stone, I don’t know what it means, but my preference is for opaques to transparent stones.
Polarity totem: Salmon. ???
Affinity color: Silver.I do like silver.
Musical vibration: E natural – an octave above Deer.E Nat is a great tone. I’ll buy that.
Personality: Friendly. Unconventional. Independent. Dynamic.I’d like to agree with these.
Feelings: Detached.Sad, but true. I’m pretty unconnected to those I don’t really know or have invested emotion into. hard for me to relate to some types of thought.
Intention: Imagination. Intention?
Nature: Humanitarian. Um, sorta kinda I guess.
Positive traits: Inventive. Reforming. Perceptive. Have to be inventive to program or to write, I hope. reforming? to a point. Perceptive.. I like to think I’m observant.
Negative traits: Unpredictable. Rebellious. Tactless. Eccentric. oh, all of the above are true. I can show a little tact if I have to, but I prefer to be blunt.
Sex-drive: Hot and cold. hmm.. I think it depends on the partner. been hot for the last year.
Compatibilities: Crows, Falcons and Deer. see the above comment. gives ‘eating crow’ a good connotation
Conscious aim: Knowledge. absolutely.
Subconscious desire: Wisdom.I think to have one, the other will follow. I prefer wisdom to knowledge, but desire both.
Life-path: Creative strength.I hope so!
I Ching trigram: Sun. The Gentle Wind. Flexible vision.
Must cultivate: Inventiveness. Tolerance. Courage.I think I’ve got 2 out of 3 in the bag. Tolerance, I’m working on.
Must avoid: Rebelliousness. Eccentricity. avoid? I sort of enjoy them
Spiritual alchemy: Yin predominates. So I’m a girly-man? I’ll assume that means nurturing. πŸ™‚
Starting totems: Otter. Buffalo. Butterfly. Fern. Turquoise. Salmon.