I’m home, and the AC is dead, Newton is here and lovey. (Keeping comfy on top of the porcelain potty-tank lid my boy’s a smartie. :))

Pretty warm in here, but not too bad, baby 10 degrees hotter than I like it. I’m glad it’s not late July, and that it is raining…still, no hot food for me tonight… iced tea, orange juice and a big bowl of cold cereal. 🙂

I’m going to take a cool shower after eating, and then catch up on my reading. Maybe I’ll turn on the cam, too, so folks can watc hme and Newt wilt in the heat. 😉

well, it’s raining, and my ride is about 10 minutes away, to whisk me home. 🙂

I’m incredibly antsy today, maybe I’ll transcribe some of my writing tests to the journal… I’ll see what this evening brings.

I feel poorly. I can’t wait to get home to (hopefully) a fixed ac and a lovey newton…. I’m still a bit anxious about my sweetheart, too.

I worry about my loves. I want them to be happy, healthy and comfortable.

These little critters are kind of creepy & kind of cool. H.P. Lovecraft meets Terence McKenna.

One of the things I love about the web is you find things like this, and then you realize someone took the time to do this & put it up on a website. I sometimes hear my grandmother’s voice in my head: “From this he makes a living?” I imagine people from a century ago would be amazed and confounded (and probably impressed) at the amount of strange little things you can find on the Internet.