Philosophy – my 100% – Thanks for pointing me to it.

Plato (427-347)

There is reason to act justly even if one can get away with acting unjustly.
There is a single, general, pure idea of goodness that all good things possess.
There is only one model of the just person.
Justice is a harmony of the soul: intellect, emotion, and desire.
The best activity is intellectual stimulation and the most important quality is a strong intellect.
The just person is pleased, not in a state of discord.
The conflict between one’s own good and the good of the community is NOT irresolvable.

I don’t know that I agree 100% with the statements made, but they’re pretty close.I do believe in emotional and spiritual fulfillment, too.

I’m still worried for/about her… I’m confident that she’ll be less anxious once she gets ‘back on track’ but I wish I could give her some sort of supplemental happiness, strength or good feelings. I love her so much, and want her to feel maximum goodness, and the absolute minimum downsides needed to make her healthy and complete. I can offer a strong arm, an accepting heart, and a willingness to ride with her through any troubles that may come… and of course all my love.

One year ago today, I met my sweetheart.

I’m amazed… it hardly seems that long… I can certainly say that with her in my life, the quality and comfort level for me has gone way up. I can’t say enough how in love with her I am, and how delighted I am to be loved by her.