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the hot dog murder- quincy grab02330

A recent acquisition – How come I don’t remember this episode of Quincy??

Posing as a prison pathologist, Quincy (Jack Klugman) conducts an investigation of the death of a convicted embezzler who was about to provide testimony against his mob bosses. The man’s death has been ruled accidental, but Quincy doesn’t believe it. The trick now is to figure out how a murder was committed in a maximum-security prison wing, without any tangible evidence (hint: the episode’s title is a key to the solution). This episode was originally scheduled to air on April 15, 1977.

I also went to get my crown and physical therapy today. Both went Well.

8935 – Thursday

After work last night, BHK and I had dinner at the Lebanese Taverna and then went to see Talk To Me which was surprisingly better than I thought. No roles were stepped on by big names (Cedric the Entertainer had me a little worried when I saw him in the credits) Some aspects of Petey Greene‘s life were left out, but you really can only do so much in a 2-hour movie. Plot-wise, there weren’t any surprises, but the story’s path seemed comfortable with simple viability. Though it was supposed to have taken place in DC, the bulk seems to have been shot in “generic city” or indoors – I didn’t get the Capitol vibe from the location. I’m glad we opted for that over The Simpsons or Transformers… I was more in the mood for a biopic than cartoony smash-em-up or yuk-em-ups.

On the way home, BHK pointed out to me that someone stole the man atop ATW hardware… now there’s a sign. “Return the Man now – Yes it was stolen)
Aww… I
hope he makes it back… I rather like the weird little dioramas up on the roof.

I discovered the Vassal game engine. That should help with development of our own games, in addition to allowing a lot of regular new ones to try! Maybe I can lure Eryx into playing Axis and Allies minis online! All of the Carcassone variants appear to be done already, too.

Other Vassal modules that tickle my interest are –

All will be sniffed over in time, I’m sure – and now, the morning brings a new day. My ride to the train station overslept, but bhk got me to the station in fine time to catch my train into the city. That’s the good thing about planning ahead and making allowances for traffic and whatnot… I’m usually in by 8am, and this way, I got there by 8:30 (the time I’m officially due to arrive.) I did miss my “arrive by 8” bus by about 10 minutes, so I spent about 20 minutes waiting for the next one. – Gave me time to take the pictures below and write the text above on my phone.

Waiting for the bus.
Squinty due to sleepiness and the sun in my face. I like the metro worker behind me with the long beard and short hair. The Sun was hot, and seemed overly large as it hung in this morning’s sky.

Good meeting at work today about upgrading our CMS. I like the way folks are looking to work together for a solution, rather than complain – project appears to be slated for the end of ’07, or the beginning of ’08 for testing.

Constellation Power has applied to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to put a new nuclear reactor in Calvert county, the fourth to be applied for, nationwide, this year. There hasn’t been a new nuclear reactor built in the US since the Three Mile Island disaster, but with new tax incentives for power providers who get their applications complete before the end of next year, companies are positioning themselves to be able to take advantage of the new situation.

Are we ready for nuclear again? The US kind of freaked out after the Three Mile Island near-meltdown and the Chernobyl disaster, but with power needs proving insatiable, and with fossil fuels being subject to significant negative public attention due to global warming concerns, the timing could be ripe for an expansion of nuclear power.

Will it do anything to lower our power build? Almost certainly not. But, it might decrease dependence on fossil fuels, which can be considered a positive.

Tonight, I’m tucking in early to recoup a little extra rest.

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8927 – Wednesday

Gummi Chicken feet. They’re tasty and disturbing.

I neglected to mention the taste sensation that BHK and I enjoyed throughout last night’s movie. (Amy chose to stick with M&Ms.)

Gummi Chicken feet.

Pretty dang good, actually. right thickness and texture for a good gummy candy – fruit flavored. Grotesque to look at, but still nifty. (ours weren’t in this cool packaging, but rather just a big plastic bag, which is all the more cool, as far as I’m concerned.

Who thought that it was a good idea?

Who hired a sculptor to carve chicken foot molds for candy?

I wish that I’d counted them before eating – I wonder now if there were an even number to account for 2-per chicken, or if one of the Gummi-creatures was a pegleg.

via evandorkin

A plan to sell classic novellas in retro cigarette packs via cigarette vending machines after a U.K smoking ban in enclosed public places goes into effect. At least I think they’re going to (try to?) sell these in actual vending machines. Whatever the case, they’re called Tankbooks, and are being produced by Tank, a think tank, creative agency and publishing outfit. Dunno if this is a P.R. stunt, an art project, an honest effort to sell books in an interesting manner, or all of the above. Nifty-looking packages, whatever the case.

I think that decks of cards would be cool, too. Standard Decks of 52, or even some Fluxx flavors, maybe? Possibly a Barfly version of Munchkin ? Speaking of which, BHK won at Munchkin Bites tonight.

For future reference, as I think it’s pretty generally known right now:

LiveJournal was unavailable between approximately 2pm and 9:30pm PDT on Tuesday, July 24, 2007. Apparently, they weren’t the only ones with a power outage issue. Sites that are affected include CNET, Craigstlist, Technorati, Yelp and all Six Apart properties, TypePad, LiveJournal and Vox. I didn’t even notice, as I was at work and at the movies – I wonder how many people too the opportunity to breathe a little fresh air and feel sunlight on their skin?

See what happens when you don’t have geographically split clusters? I wonder how hard it would be to back up all of those guys… there’s got to be a monster amount of data there.

I find myself looking forward to being snowed in at home, with BHK, the kitties and me all playing card or board games in the living room. I think that maybe we can call a “virtual snow day” at the house sometime where we can just do that very thing, without waiting for a total power outage.

Netflix must think we’re insane. “We’ve received Apocalypto – and have sent out your copy of My Super Sweet 16: The Movie

Adam’s off to his missionary work in Guatamala -A quick summary of his itinerary:

6:30 PM tonight – he arrives at the Hope of Life Mission Center.
– Sr. Center, plant flowers and trees, painting
– mostly off-site construction
– visit orphans
– Boat Trip
– More construction, painting, etc.
Tuesday- Food Distribution/Evangelism
Wednesday– more painting, hand out meals
arrive home

For work, I’m doing a distillation of a few hundred pages of documentation into bite size bullet-point chunks for next week… Tricky, but not impossible.

Farewell, Weekly World News. I’m glad you lasted for as long as you could. I hope that the website will at least continue for a bit.

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8925 – monday –

I meant to mention yesterday that Cyn’s house is lovely… I especially like the location. Highest spot in the town, I suspect, and very private. Her art is there throughout, but it doesn’t clutter – all of it is placed in a nice way. I also got a chance to meet her daughter, who is as friendly and charming as her mom.

Fooling with nationstates again – this time it’s Salmagundia. (Newtonia has faded from the map)

Mr. Tawky Tawny just killed a guy with a stick! (he also sleeps in the nude.)

Mm.. I’d forgotten that I have a broadcast plugin on my winamp that shows my most recently listened to tracks. You can tell that BHK has influenced my listening habits a bit. (Plus, there’s stuff on there that I’ve grabbed for her use, too.)

I’m glad to see the Devil has got his due.But I think that I prefer Famous Poems Rewritten as Limericks

The Raven

There once was a girl named Lenore
And a bird and a bust and a door
And a guy with depression
And a whole lot of questions
And the bird always says “Nevermore.”

Amy arrived! i was surprised to hear that she was in Baltimore by 8:30a – She must’ve left New York at about 5-5:30. We had a lovely dinner at Friendly’s, helped the in-laws move boxes from the u-haul truck, and got in a game of super munchkin before bed. BHK pulled out a win at the very last minute, when it looked like I had it all wrapped up. Nicely played, hon!

One of the weirder aspects of Edgewater, MD. There’s a store called ATW hardware that always has an unusual manikin tableau on the roof. This time, a Hunter Thompson-esque Zombie torments a pirate with an angry rat. It was hard to get shots at that range at twilight, but I think they look ok at full size.

DSCN5868 DSCN5867 DSCN5866 DSCN5865 DSCN5864 DSCN5869

Other ones have been rows of legs sticking straight up from the roof, a man and son fishing, and a chorus line.

oh! I do – from my first week of honeymoon! hard to see, but the leg-up one… can click for bigger. Taken when I was one day into being married. (It’ll be nine months tomorrow)


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8816 wtf – vitamin coke?!

wtf – vitamin coke?!, originally uploaded by scottobear.

so, healthy (har har) soda pop! tastes like diet ass.

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According to the nutritional label, Diet Coke Plus includes 25% of the recommended daily allowance of niacin (vitamin B3), vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 as well as 15% of the RDA for magnesium and zinc in each 12-ounce serving. It is sweetened with an aspartame/ACE-K blend that has become the industry norm for just about every diet drink nowadays. (The zinc adds a nasty aftertaste, I think)

8774 –

David and Gill are back, safe and sound… to celebrate, we went out for Chinese food, and BHK and I split a dessert of shamrock shake. Also is a reincluded picture of my stalker chicken. I’m getting more interested in the guitar, too.. I got to play bass a bit with David and Larry… seems quite comfy, so far.

larry on banjo, david on electricbass davidgill with cameradavid on bass againdavid on bassMy chicken stalker.Shamrock shake!

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My chicken stalker – 8772

My chicken stalker., originally uploaded by scottobear.

This person from Cluck-U was seen peering through the window from the rainy outdoors as visiting family, in-laws, bhk and I ate dinner out at a nearby chinese food place.

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8550 – this sammich tastes funny

The Rapture Index – The prophetic speedometer of end-time activity

I wonder what part “banner ads” have in the movement to the end times? We’re currently at 155?

Lovely, giggly day yesterday. Tracheotomy Pooh-bear and stories of “Sleeping Booty” made it dash by.

Michael Jantzen’s Wind Pavilion is a nice facelift to the rotating apartments concept that debuted in Curitib, Brazil back in 2004. This particular version of the wind pavilion is proposed to be a lightweight structure primarily made of fabric to randomly rotate in the wind. Rotation would not only provide the building with an ever changing shape, but also electrical power to light the building. Michael proposes that the building could be made out of various materials and could take on many different functions such as an apartment complex.

Link to my Current listen – I created a Screamin’ Jay Hawkins Station on Pandora. Have a listen if you like, dear journal. (Here’s my regular listen)

App-Stick – Directory of Free Portable Applications for Your USB Memory Stick

Family pictures from 25+ years ago

8549 – Sunday fundaY

Lovely lazy wakeup morning… slacked and relaxed.

The crook who grew up to be a shoe

Big Nose George Parrot, the only man in American history to be turned into a pair of shoes.

After watching the first season of the Shield… weird that they didn’t work with Vic getting shot much past the episode where it happened. they seem to get on top of most details like that interlocking.. he sort of just healed up and moved on.

Light-Emitting Shirts from Philips – very keen… I could see this as being quite entertaining, with the right applications. combine this with some sort of transponder of gps technology, and your clothes or nearby furniture/curtains could give information like arrows directing you to a certain location, or color-coded type reference tabs for people… It’d be kind of neat to have a glowing digital clock or scrolling message/logo on a t-shirt, too. Maybe link it up to wifi and rss to read updated journals each refresh? Pretty handy for cycling at night, too… complete with illuminated turn signals or goodyear blimp type ads, probably.

Press Release

A strange black cat on your porch brings prosperity. – Scottish superstition

On the Effectiveness of Aluminum Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study

Conclusion – The helmets amplify frequency bands that coincide with those allocated to the US government between 1.2 Ghz and 1.4 Ghz. According to the FCC, These bands are supposedly reserved for ”radio location” (ie,GPS), and other communications with satellites (see, for example,[3]). The2.6 Ghz band coincides with mobile phone technology. Though not affiliated by government, these bands are at the hands of multinational corporations.

It requires no stretch of the imagination to conclude that the current helmet craze is likely to have been propagated by the Government,possibly with the involvement of the FCC. We hope this report will encourage the paranoid community to develop improved helmet designs to avoid falling prey to these shortcomings.

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8483 – YOU BLEW IT UP!

Sort of lame that Lance Bass is pulling the ‘Ellen’ card right before he’s starting a new show.

It’d be cool if his new TV program is about how he caught “The Gay” during his Russian Space Shot, and returned to a planet populated by talking apes. I’d watch it.

For three episodes anyway, until it turned into Will & Grace, with Ape-o-Nauts.

Even Space Monkeys can’t save Will & Grace.

Sorry, Monkey.