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9659 – Tuesday

Again slow to rise this morning – I need to hit the sack earlier during the week.

I brought some snacks for Franklin, but he was nowhere to be found this morning.

Open BVE Train sim!  – probably only interesting to me and Larry, dear journal.

European researchers have discovered that chimpanzees have a built-in mental GPS, keeping ‘a geometric mental map of their home range, moving from point to point in nearly straight lines.’ Using GPS, two primatologists followed 15 chimpanzees for 217 days, and determined that the apes were ‘using a mental map built around geometric coordinates.’ They’re not just identifying landmarks in their surroundings, and in fact, even when swinging through trees, the chimps planned out their route several trees in advance. Here’s the paper in the journal Animal Behavior.

Comcast was difficult again this evening, but I called and they reset the modem – hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing, now. BHK made tasty pretend chicken and creamy noodles with peas for supper.. until later!

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9369 – Wednesday

Chinese dinner tonight with BHK, and the In-laws. We watched Definitely, Maybe, and I thought it wasn’t bad at all for a “chick flick.” Good amount of schmaltz, not a bad vehicle for a slice of life info. I still think he’s a swine, re: the book… he had postcards and whatnot.

Next on our netflix list – Machine Girl. Hopefully, BHK will enjoy that as much as I enjoyed tonight’s feature.

Pointless Scotto trivia of the moment – animal crackers eaten today, roughly in the order consumed.

whole –

  • gorilla
  • hippo x 2
  • seal
  • monkey
  • tiger
  • polar bear x 3
  • horse
  • lion
  • rhino
  • zebra
  • koala 2
  • sheep 2
  • kangaroo
  • camel

partials –

  • 3-legged tiger
  • tailless kangaroo
  • headless lion

amazing number of intact critters in my barnum box. (60g) Sadly, no elephants. I’ve been to the circus, and always seen ellies – can’t say the same about koalas or polar bears, though they are both adorable and cool, too.

Come to think of it, I’ve never seen a hippo or rhino at the circus, either. Or a gorilla. (well, maybe a clown in a gorilla suit) What are they trying to pull??


4th of July ATW man – note his pop-eyes, manic grin, and huge firecracker.
seen on the way home after Journey 3-d last night

beans for dinner tonight!!

Today’s harvest – Looks like beans for dinner tomorrow!

also shown, first tomato of the season, cukes, eggplant, and a sneaky, slimy okra.

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9333 – Tuesday

Tomorrow I go to the doctor for a review and another epidural. Hopefully I’ll get a lead on something for my nagging cough.

Went to go see the Hulk movie (I’m sleeping in until 7:30 tomorrow, so I can pull it off) – It was a whole lot better than what I was expecting. BHK liked the movie more than Iron Man, and I am certainly more sympathetic to Banner – I feel that Iron Man was better acted and had better effects, but Hulk was more enjoyable overall – I didn’t mind the CGI Hulk and Abomination at all.

Watched the 2nd episode of Middleman, and it was a lot smoother than the pilot. I’m enjoying it so far.

Nasty thought, resulting from last weekend’s dining out – “Crab dip stuffed crust pizza”. I bet it would make a mint along the Chesapeake… sprinkle a little old bay seasoning on the pie, and I suspect that you’ve got Maryland gold…. and I’ve got a tummy ache just thinking about it.

Joke of the day –

Q.What’s Brown and rhymes with Snoop?

A: Dr. Dre.

Well, BHK thought it was funny, dear journal.

Forget about the joke and just gaze into the eyes of telekinetic monkey. Ooeeeooooeeeoo! I hope he uses his powers for good!

Got this in the mail at work – That’s pretty cool of the building to do for the critters.

The saying is something like: "Don't ever come between a Mother and her babies"
Well, here in Calverton, it's proving to be true.  There is a Mother 
Eastern Kingbird nesting in one of the trees in the back parking lot (*)
that has felt a little threatened by some of our staff members. She's
even attacked a few staff members. (thankfully, they are OK)
(*)She's in one of the trees at the right of the rear entrance in the
first island that is parallel with the building. Currently, 8:45 a.m,
there is a black truck parked near "her" tree.
Kate Flint did some research and found out some facts about Eastern
*   The Eastern Kingbird is highly aggressive toward nest predators
and larger birds. Hawks and crows are attacked regularly. A
kingbird was observed to knock a Blue Jay out of a tree and cause it to
hide under bush to escape the attack. 
*   During the summer the Eastern Kingbird eats mostly flying
insects and maintains a breeding territory that it defends vigorously
against all other kingbirds. In the winter along the Amazon, however, it
has a completely different lifestyle: it travels in flocks and eats
*   Parent Eastern Kingbirds feed their young for about seven weeks.
Because of this relatively long period of dependence, a pair generally
raises only one brood of young per nesting season.

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9332 – Monday

Good solid day of work today – getting a lot done and covered. Met the new VP, and he seems like a really nice guy who knows his stuff. I wish I could advise him more on commuting, but he’s a car guy, and not a train or bus sort.

After work, BHK and I went out to lemongrass for a little date – the food was excellent and the company wonderful. It was raining like gangbusters outside, so we stayed for dessert… the Thai doughnuts and fried ice cream were also great, but I tihnk I ate way too much. After the weather let up a bit, we went to petsmart to look at the critters, and saw an army gal with a haircut that made her look a bit like donald duck.

Went home, watched the pilot of middleman. I liked it – it was a little sticky, but forgivable in a pilot episode… There was a super-intelligent gorilla in a tracksuit, which was pretty cool, but I’d prefer that they not mention comics so much. I didn’t need a Grodd reference. He was more like the Mod Gorilla boss to me, anyhow. The “filthy paws / damn dirty ape” quote was expected, but really, that’s forgivable. I’ll be watching it again, and expect it’ll gain some momentum if all goes well.

In honor of Swarm of the Snakehead, I made my own proto – snakehead beastie (you can download him at the link) in Spore yesterday. BHK’s bitey monopod will be uploaded soon, too.

snakehead for spore

George Carlin passed away. I think that his routines in recent years got a little… I don’t know… Lame? Turned more from radical or wacky to just whiney “get off my lawn you kids” humor? I feel the same way about him the way I feel about a lot of folks I liked more when I was younger – maybe I outgrew him, like I did Harlan Ellison’s angry young guy shtick as it turned into an angry old guy bit. As I age, it gets harder to be entertained by that sort of thing. Maybe they both just ran out of whatever mojo kept them fresh and interesting to me. I still like the old stuff. Not as angry, not as bitter… things can have bite and not seem just sad. He was a great satirist during the bulk of his life, and I’m sure he will be missed.

I saw him in “concert”, at FAU, ages ago with Jeremy Dawsey. I don’t remember where James was, or why he wasn’t along. We had a *fantastic* time, and it was likely the only time I’ve seen a comedian in the last 20 years that wasn’t “schticky”… fat guy telling fat jokes, lesbian telling lesbian jokes, black guy doing black jokes, prop comics… etc, etc, etc.

I’ll just choose to remember this:

Some people say the glass is half empty.
Others say the glass if half full.
I say the glass is too big.

–George Carlin

Illustrator Rafa Toro scanned in a set of monster trading cards and presents them in blog format: Monstruos Diabolicos. El Hombre Lobo! El Payaso Diobolico!or my fave… El Agusanado!

LOS ANGELES — Hollywood will enshrine an eclectic bunch in its famous curbside Walk of Fame next year, including Hugh Jackman, Ben Kingsley, The Village People and fictional Tinker Bell.

Recipients of the sidewalk stars also include Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy, Cameron Diaz, Robert Downey Jr., Tim Burton, Leslie Caron, Charles Durning, Ralph Fiennes, William Petersen, Kyra Sedgwick, John Stamos, Mark Burnett, Chuck Lorre, Kenny “Baby Face” Edmonds, Dave Koz, The Miracles, Doug Morris, Rush, Shakira, KFI radio personality Bill Handel and KCRW host Harry Shearer, who also provides voices for characters on “The Simpsons.”

Cheeta isn’t on the list. The animal actor, whose credits include the 1967 comedy “Doctor Dolittle” and the “Tarzan” movies, was trying for the seventh time to get a sidewalk star.

His handlers had launched an online petition to get supporters to urge the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to give him a star in 2009.

Guinness World Records has called the 76-year-old chimp the oldest living, non-human primate. Cheeta is retired and lives in Palm Springs.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s Walk of Fame Committee chose the recipients, who were ratified by the board of directors Thursday.

Seriously? Tinkerbell got a star, instead of Cheeta? She didn’t speak, and has only starred in one film! Cheeta’s an actual being, not just a drawing. What’s next? The NBC Peacock?

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9313 – Tuesday

I still feel pretty-lousy, but went in to work – too much needs to be hands-on today – meetings, etc.

My shoulder muscles and ribs / stomach are all especially tender from the coughing. I’m being extra lazy with my entries until I feel more up to speed.

BHK made pizza tonight… I had two slices of green pepper and cheese. First real food eaten since Sunday. It was delicous, but I couldn’t consume more than that… or any pie for fear of retribution.

I can’t imagine a homemade blueberry pie lasting a week in my house. I must’ve been terribly sick, indeed.

Cut and paste links ahoy!

Three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame have gone to the dogs, so why can’t Cheeta the chimp get some love? The animal actor, whose credits include the 1967 comedy “Dr. Doolittle” and the “Tarzan” movies, is trying for the seventh time to get a sidewalk star and become the first monkey to get the honor. His handlers have launched an online petition to get supporters to urge the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to give him a star in 2009.

The 76-year-old chimp, who the Guinness World Records has called the oldest living, non-human primate, is retired and lives in Palm Springs. Cheeta also has a MySpace page. (see also – http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/GoCheeta/ )

John McCain wants to kill folks on dialysis.

This video – A Washington DC news crew goes down to Union Station to interview someone from Amtrak about people who have been stopped from taking pictures even though there’s no policy against it. As the Amtrak spokesperson is explaining that there is no policy against photography, a guard comes up and tries to stop them from filming, saying it is against the rules.

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9297 – Thursday

Adam’s grandfather is in a bad way – he was sent to the hospital last weekend, was looking better on Tuesday, not as good yesterday. I hope he hangs in there, and mends up… at his age and level of health, I suspect he may be about done.

Was a bit sick this morning – nervous about the epidural , maybe… or low blood sugar. No food after 8am, minimal sips of water if needed. Still pretty sore afterward, but I should feel a lot bette rni the next few days.

BHK made Thai for me last night – make my last meal before the fast a good one. Green Curry veggies over rice, with a side of tofu in peanut sauce. The lady knows what I like to eat. After the epidural, we got Mexican – it was good, but I couldn’t finish my plate. Leftovers lasted until about 9pm.

Why the kitties like the windowsill – .newtcamleep2.newtcam bird. Clicks embiggen, as always.

Side note – Newt and Pyecam were down part of the day last monday – ftp server was broken, but it booted back up once I let the provider know.

Creepypasta – are short stories designed to unnerve, disturb or scare the readers of a Creepy Thread on 4chan. (could be upsetting to some viewers / nsfw, etc – it is on encyclopedia dramatica and 4chan after all.)

"A team at the university of Pittsburgh has finally advanced a 2002 technology enough for use in prosthetic limbs, the targeted application all along. Training computer models to the firing patterns of the neurons in the parts of the brain that control motion, they are able to project the intentions of a monkey to a robotic arm, which follows the will of the animal. The sad thing about the articles is that the beauty of the mathematics used to create and train the models is totally ignored."

Coverage at the BBC – This of course brings significant hope to amputees and other other people with physical disabilities.
(Note that this research has been going on for quite some time.)

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9292 – Saturday

It’s the Weekend!!!


NASA is bracing for “seven minutes of terror,” when an unmanned craft landing on Mars may wake a dormant robot army that could rise up to invade and crush our civilization… oh, wait. They’re saying the space ship might tip over. That’s all.

Spent most of the day shopping for a new couch and a new bed – found the bed we wanted at a decent price – we pick it up tomorrow, and our old bed goes to the blue house for storage. We have a new Queen Size pillow top marshmallow (but firm) – feels good at the store – can’t wait to try it at home.

Gaming in my brain –

Next game I want to pick up is Hive. (with the mosquito ) I like the insect theme and bakelite tiles a lot – I’ll have to see if Aardvark can order it for us.

Unlike the US government, Hasbro lets you print out your own Monopoly money. There are PDFs for 1,5,10,20,50,100, and 500 dollar bills.

Good for any money-handling game, really. Witch Trial comes immediately to my mind. (which uses our monopoly money more than monopoly does)

From New Scientist Tech: (or, a better use of a Newt/Pye cam?)

To try and develop a more sophisticated model, the team recorded the responses of 49 individual neurons in a part of a cat’s brain called the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN). The LGN receives and processes visual information from the retina, via the optic nerve, before sending it on to the cerebral cortex.

The data made it possible to build a software model of the LGN that can approximate how the neurons would respond to real scenes. The model was tested against scenes recorded from a “catcam” camera attached to a cat’s head.

“We chose the catcam because it was the most natural stimulus we could think of, the closest to what a cat would see when walking around,” Matteo Carandini told New Scientist. Because the catcam footage lacked elements moving independently from the rest of the scene, the researchers also used a scene from Disney’s animated film Tarzan.

The model’s predictions proved to be 80% accurate when shown artificial scenes, but this figure fell to 60% with the natural scenes or the Tarzan movie.

The ultimate goal of the research, still years distant, is to develop an implant that uses visual data to directly stimulate the LGN of blind people whose optic nerve or retina has degenerated from lack of use.

“For these people, a prosthesis in the eye doesn’t help,” Carandini explains. Only people who have recently become blind can benefit from such implants – currently being tested in humans – that stimulate the retina or optic nerve

Work on monkeys last year showed it is possible to stimulate the LGN using electrodes to alter their vision, something previously thought impossible. Software models like that developed by Carandini and colleagues would be vital for an implant to stimulate the right neurons to create a mental impression of vision.

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8 years ago – my first user icon – ,Heather outs Alex as a cheater and a bisexual (remember kids, post something publicly on the net, and the world can see it, even people you know.)

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9291 – Friday

Long weekend is almost upon us. I think we’ll be staying close to home and walking a bit in the nice weather that’s expected.

Not much to say today – off to work in a few – but have a few links from here or there.

I forget if I linked to this recently or not – It bears repeating-

Austrian court agrees to hear arguments that a chimpanzee should be considered a legal person.

Best Bumper sticker seen recently – “I Bet Jesus Would Use His Turn Signal”

Am I too young to be nostalgic for Johnny Carson? I think not. I can’t believe it’s been 16 years since he retired.

My favorite swami Carson bit was the gag where gave the answer to questions sealed in envelopes.

The Answer : “A dog with wings”

The Question “Who Is Linda McCartney?”

I have no good reason to want a curta calculator, other than it’s cool. Curse you for putting the idea in my head, jwz, but thanks for the link to the flash curta emulator!

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9279 – Thursday – It was all a dream.

Dreamt last night that we were touring a pair of Monasteries – Tibetan style, Buddhist things. Apparently, I wasn’t too interested in the firs tone, and had to rush to the second before the bell rang – doors would lock and wild dogs tore apart anyone not inside one of the two feuding temples when the bells summoned them.

The ground between the two buildings slid and shifted… I (much more nimbly than I might’ve in waking life) leaped from stepping stone to stepping stone, avoiding too-clear water that was running thickly, like syrup. Once on the second place’s stairs, the dogs curled up and went to sleep.

The building itself was very nifty – all sorts of oddities inside, not unlike a Ripley’s. One was closed off with a curtain – a skeletal mammoth with an elephant-sized, but human shaped skull – save for a single tusk/horn curling upwards from the tip of the chin area of the mandible. I went to take a picture of it, but a guard (I don’t recall his garb – if he was a mall security type or a warrior-sort.. I just knew he worked there, wasn’t just some guy) told me that it was forbidden. He then smiled at me, took a picture with his cell phone and was promptly gored by the skeleton. The tusk tore a rip in him from crotch to throat and where he opened up, rose petals fell until the body was just an empty skin.

A different member of the monestary showed up and apologized to me – I couldn’t attend service, because the priest was shorter than me. However another fellow, taller than me would be available to walk me through services on Tuesday, at 8:30. I asked if he meant morning or night, and he laughed… “Don’t you work? – it’s at night.. it’ll be 8:30 pm to 10pm, then there’ll be snacks, bell ringing and wheel turning. Does your wife dance?”

I said that she did, though we really have never been.

I’ve never been to a Tibetan monastery… now, I suspect that I’ll be a bit disappointed.

After telling her about it, BHK says that I’ll never get hot dogs grilled with onions and green peppers for dinner again. I hope that’s not the case.

ok these are awesome: http://www.instantrimshot.com/ and http://www.sadtrombone.com/

Gorilla mask-wearing robber demands money, pants.

Police believe they have arrested the man who, wearing a gorilla mask, robbed a 62-year-old woman at gunpoint Monday night and later ordered another man to hand over his pants.

The woman was getting into her car at the 3035 Hamilton Church Road Wal-Mart at 10:15 p.m. when the masked gunman appeared. He pulled the car door open and tried to wrestle away her purse, police said. She fought back and kicked her assailant.

He, along with an accomplice, then got into a maroon Pontiac SUV and fled.

Less than an hour later, two 27-year-old men were walking back to their apartment from a Bell Road convenience store when a Pontiac SUV pulled up beside them. A gunman wearing a gorilla mask got out and demanded not only money, but the black cargo pants worn by one of the men.

The pair gave them money and the pants, and the gunman got back into the Pontiac and fled, police said.

At midnight, Officer Shaun Hardin spotted a maroon Pontiac Aztec and stopped it on Haywood Lane near Faulker Drive. The driver, Adrian Cornelius Alexander, 23, of Highland Ridge Drive in LaVergne, did not have a valid license and was taken into custody, police said. In the vehicle, police found a gorilla mask, bandanas, two bullets, several pairs of latex gloves and the black cargo pants belonging to one of the Bell Road robbery victims.

The victims identified Alexander as the robber, police said. He, along with his passenger Antwan Haynes, 18, of LaVergne, have been charged with two counts of aggravated robbery, police said.

Charges for the Wal-Mart attack are expected to be placed in the next two days, police said.

I just noticed that it’s the anniversary of my father’s death. It was ages ago… I miss him, now that I think about it, but I haven’t really had him in my thoughts much in recent times. I wonder why… I wouldn’t have realized if I hadn’t seen the archives, at least not until I saw 5/15 on my calendar at work, I guess.

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