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Monday # 10,826

I suffer from depression, and some related issues like anxiety. I was first treated for it in a few years ago, though my condition predates that treatment by some unknown amount. Since that time, I’ve had varying success managing that aspect of myself, but most of the time I can keep it from interfering much with my personal and professional life.

The severity of my condition varies, and lately it has varied…against me. I’m not really functional, due to a combination of random-onset crying, incredible fatigue, (even for me) very high distractability, and virtually no motivation or enjoyment of my usual pleasures and rewards.

I am 100% certain that I’m going to be OK. I’ve been through episodes like this before — though it’s been perhaps a decade since the last one of this severity — and I have always come out the other side with a better understanding of myself and improvements to my life. I am intellectually optimistic, even if my emotional state doesn’t often match these days. I could not wish for a more supportive family, circle of friends, and set of co-workers. I’m truly touched by the kind notes and words from so many people already, even though I know that my absence will make their lives harder for a while.

If we could discuss mental illness with the same candor as we do our diets, food allergies, back pain, or diabetes, I think that it would be much easier for people to get the help they need. It is very hard to make good decisions about treatment (like to get some!) when your very mind is working against you; doing it alone is terrifying and for many people virtually impossible. I am incredibly fortunate to have the support, experience, and resources that I do, and it is still a very difficult thing for me to work through.

on the bus…

testing out quickpress. not too tough via the phone.

a quick recap – did inventory catch up on saturday, had a moment of net loss at work on sunday from 11-3ish. apparently comcast isn`t the only dc area fail. (at least verizon was a sunday)

sunday dinner was a lot of circles with a few squares inside – cheese and crackers with in-laws, veggie shepherds pie, with homemade apple pie for dessert.

got lunged up a bit last night -cpap helped a lot, though.

slept from about 930pm to 5 this am.

fully enjoying xmas music now… close enough for it to make sense. lego advent calendar has been a lot of fun so far… blacksmith and a knight with assorted anvil and hammer equipment so far.

today should be a busy one… lots to do and review. talk to you later, dear journal!

100,092 – Thursday

Nutshelling today –

got my shots, bhk got a good set of samples for meds – cover a month or two, and we got to see Britney after a looong time..

snow prep – no milk eggs or bread at any grocer… but they are at 7-lebbin!

Picked up Dry Cleaning, before the snow comes!

Watched the 2007 BBC series pilot of Jekyll – if the rest is as good as the first episode, I’ll be really sad when it ends.

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100,91 – Wednesday

rough day – Body and mind running a bit dark for much of today. It’ll be better soon, though.

Swung by ChNaCa with the in-laws, had supper at Ledo’s, got some groceries.

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10,078 – Friday

Today, I’m feeling a bit worse for wear – these antibiotics are tearing BHK and my guts up.

Spent the morning looking for work, and as a reward of sorts, BHK gave me her Mütter Museum pen that is shaped like an arm bone. Spent the evening watching the IT crowd, playing Wii Sports Resort with the Nailles and enjoying homemade mac & cheese with a side of veggie hot dogs from the grill!

I dreamt that Pye and Newton were horseshoe crabs, but still had their kitty tails…. somehow they could climb walls with their little hairy crab legs.

Dave sent me this – I don’t know if he drew it, but it cracked me up for about a half hour! (It looks like his style)

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10,076 – Wednesday

BHK and I both hit the doctor today – augmentin for both of us – me, for my chest and ear issues, BHK for her congestion and infection issues. Hopefully, that will knock out what’s been in BHK’s system since new year’s, and mine in the last week or so.

Making the most of our holiday gift cards – breakfast at starbucks courtesy of Dave & Cathy – the chocolate-chip banana bread is *very* good.

After that, we hit safeway to pick up our meds… and gamestop for a used copy of  boom blox bash party (the other game we got – octomania was horrible beyond keeping.)

Duncan looks adorable in the scarf BHK made for him! (he looks adorable anyhow)

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10,071 – Friday the 15th.

terribly sick – probably shouldn’t have gone out and about yesterday – I’m really gravelly and wiped out. Probably won’t go over to the Naille’s for game night this evening. sore throat, sore joints, high fatigue.

The upside is that I’m  enjoying Colors! on the DS and streaming old-school radio and tv detective shows.

having a bad hair day – what happens when you spend the day sick in bed. I feel like a hood ornament.

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10,070 – Thursday

Nutshelling to catch up – backdated, so it shouldn’t autopost everywhere.

I am still sick – went out to pick up my acekard2i at ups with Chris and BHK. I’ll be putting homebrews on my christmas prezzie in no time!

Of course, a trip with Chris means shopping, so I parked at gamestop while BHK and her mom roamed around homegoods and pier 1.

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10,069 – wednesday

Hump day again, again, dear journal. Some good news – Netflix is coming to the Wii this spring- http://bit.ly/6tYtRz

Woke up with a sore throat – hopefully I’m not succumbing to BHK’s lingering congestion, and it was only dust from the loft. We’ll know more soon enough!

Telephone interview today – it went well! I look forward to hearing more from them soon.



Nurse Newt Making sure I’m tucked in.

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9675 – Thursday –

Went back to the doctor yesterday, and was scheduled for an epidural on 4/28. Hopefully, that’ll help with the sciatica issues… and I’d *really* like it if someone canceled early, so I don’t have to wait just shy of three weeks to get treatment.

We had dinner on the porch last night – it was nice, but still a wee bit chilly. sub sammiches, as the sun went down.

No Franklin this morning, but saw the little brown girl cat last night while waiting for BHK to pick me up.

BHK found me a ton of new clothes at the thrift store – some giant must’ve gotten a new wardrobe, because I have something like a dozen or more shirts. Mostly short sleeved plaid stuff like I enjoy, but a few dress shirts suitable for work, too.

Enjoyed both episodes of the office, and parks & Rec was ok too.

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9672 – monday – back to work!

Well, back is still being tricky, but I was ok enough to go gently back to the office!

Back is sore, and poor BHK has contact allergy / dermatitis – We’re both just sort of shambling around for the moment, and trying to keep our heads together.

Fortunately, we’re both in pretty good moods, despite my nagging her not to scratch.

We were blessed by not having to make dinner tonight – Chris and Larry came back from the camping / Environmental trip with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and they picked up Chinese food and a 10-layer cake for us to gobble up while they regaled us with tales of no electricity, mud and guides with Elvis sideburns.

We cooled our heels, and watched a little NCIS (and In-law staple that I don’t mind at all) and then a really good Annie Oakley documentary on PBS. I have a new found respect for the lady.

Here, dear journal –  have a Pyewacket pic and a newton movie! Pye looking outside from my comfy zone on the couch, and Newton running around while BHK and I relax from the same area.


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9668 – Thursday

Bhk eyes red and puffy – pepper reaction seems to be getting worse. She went with me to see to Dr moody – confirmed that i should stay out until at least Monday. Prescribed some drops for BHK, and rest for me.  I will have a follow-up appt on Wednesday.
more auto-pano stuff
 Pano - S6302940 - 3000x2282 - SLIN - Blended Layer. Pano - S6302917 - 3522x2935 - SLIN - Blended Layer.
Pano - S6302927 - 3651x2362 - SLIN - Blended Layer. Pano - S6302960 - 4676x5198 - SLIN - Blended Layer.
 Pano - S6302986 - 11939x6817 - SLIN - Blended Layer

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9667 Wednesday –

I spent April fool’s day fading back and forth from dreamland.

I mostly napped – spent the day in muscle-relaxant torpor.

BHK and I had some tasty black-pepper popcorn  – bhk may’ve had an allergic reaction, or a steam hit? She’s a little red around eyes and a little arm area.

While doped up, I spent a little time playing with the panorama-stitching program (haven’t used it in ages)

Some results of blending multiple pics below –

Pano - S6302942 - 2308x1967 - SLIN - Blended Layer. Pano - S6302968 - 3783x4979 - SLIN - Blended Layer. panosnow1
. Pano - S6302972 - 2506x3657 - SLIN - Blended Layer

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9666 – Tuesday


Franklin followed me in to work again this morning! I think he missed me (or my treats) over the weekend. Very snuggly- I could hardly walk for all the ankle rubbing he was doing


Backdated and entered after the fact.


update – fell at work – went knees over noggin as a result of an unstable chair.- went to the ER and was told to take things gently until monday – so much for the cherry blossom festival this weekend. not at work either, for the time being. 


ER pic- post x-ray, waiting for my prescription.


I’m ok now… in pain, but on meds and relaxing. Off my feet for this week.

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