note to self, and some others

Back in 1997, there was an exorcism perfromed on Mother Teresa.

Perhaps she was possessed by some demon whose obsession was with healing the sick?

Some of the stuff in the article about the process of becoming a saint makes me think about the saints that didn’t exist or have been removed from Orthodox Catholicism. This has always been one of those things that fascinates me (having been raised Catholic), like Pope Joan. Surely there’s something about just creating saints wholesale, or taking heathen gods and making them saints. check out for some background, then look at the rest of the site for some paintings that might also be story seeds (see the section on people pointing guns at their reflections, which I could make a few stories out of).

Gun at self in mirror.

how to become a saint –

The Pope is planning on naming a patron saint of Internet users and computer programmers. Several saints are being considered, but the lead candidate is St. Isidore of Seville, who is credited with writing the world’s first encyclopedia… I’d have thought St. Gerome (the Patron saint of libraries, and a hermit. 🙂 ) would be more appropriate.

by the way, the Patron Saint of Journalists (LJ?) is St. Francis de Sales –

the avalanche has started, it’s too late for the pebble to vote.

My title is now….

Headmaster of Precast Concrete Solutions and Cheesy Comestible-like Things,
Padishah of Kicking Oprah’s Ass and Wee Ceramic Kittens,
Khan of Rhinoceroseseses
Bishop of Triangle Theorems,
Earl of Smurfs,
Deacon of Thick Candy Shells,
The Great Winged Goat Person of The Left Side of Latter Day Saints,
Scrum-Diddly Paladin of The Flobee Hair Suction System, Scott “Band-Aid” O’Bear, the Fourty-Second

get yours here… thanks for the link!

I wonder how many folks thought I would break my streak of posting today?

Probably nobody. 🙂