and both did it, so I’m on the bandwagon, too.

obtained from here, my comments will be in italics.


Birth dates: 20 January – 18 February mine is Feb 2. groundhogs day. candlemas. imbolc. you know the drill.

Earth influence: The Cleansing Time
Influencing wind: The North Winds. Totem:Buffalo.
Direction: North. True north or magnetic?
Predominant element: Air. Odd, too… I seem to lean to earth?
Elemental clan: Butterfly (Air) Clan. Function:to carry through. Hmmm.. this and the above are too vague for me to comment on, other than this statement.
Birth and animal totem: Otter. Otter. hm. I’m pretty Bearish, but otters are nice. Tool Users.
Plant totem: Fern.I do like ferns.
Mineral totem: Turquoise. A pretty stone, I don’t know what it means, but my preference is for opaques to transparent stones.
Polarity totem: Salmon. ???
Affinity color: Silver.I do like silver.
Musical vibration: E natural – an octave above Deer.E Nat is a great tone. I’ll buy that.
Personality: Friendly. Unconventional. Independent. Dynamic.I’d like to agree with these.
Feelings: Detached.Sad, but true. I’m pretty unconnected to those I don’t really know or have invested emotion into. hard for me to relate to some types of thought.
Intention: Imagination. Intention?
Nature: Humanitarian. Um, sorta kinda I guess.
Positive traits: Inventive. Reforming. Perceptive. Have to be inventive to program or to write, I hope. reforming? to a point. Perceptive.. I like to think I’m observant.
Negative traits: Unpredictable. Rebellious. Tactless. Eccentric. oh, all of the above are true. I can show a little tact if I have to, but I prefer to be blunt.
Sex-drive: Hot and cold. hmm.. I think it depends on the partner. been hot for the last year.
Compatibilities: Crows, Falcons and Deer. see the above comment. gives ‘eating crow’ a good connotation
Conscious aim: Knowledge. absolutely.
Subconscious desire: Wisdom.I think to have one, the other will follow. I prefer wisdom to knowledge, but desire both.
Life-path: Creative strength.I hope so!
I Ching trigram: Sun. The Gentle Wind. Flexible vision.
Must cultivate: Inventiveness. Tolerance. Courage.I think I’ve got 2 out of 3 in the bag. Tolerance, I’m working on.
Must avoid: Rebelliousness. Eccentricity. avoid? I sort of enjoy them
Spiritual alchemy: Yin predominates. So I’m a girly-man? I’ll assume that means nurturing. 🙂
Starting totems: Otter. Buffalo. Butterfly. Fern. Turquoise. Salmon.

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