8058 – Tuesday day off! Booyah again!

Geotargetre: the get together at mom’s place… bro was asked specifically to show up in a drug/alcohol-free state, so mom wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of Wilts’ folks. He arrived after having stopped off at the bar, looking grimy and disheveled. He mentioned that his pressure cleaning biz is taking off and showed me that he had some funds in the bank… good for him. Maybe he can pay back some of the dinero he owes the momster or me. I caught him in lies a few times during the day, including how he got there “a friend” “a bus” and if he’d been drinking.

I don’t think that I’ll be sharing me addy with him anytime soon, especially since he lied to me about being in Boynton. He declined a ride home, I suspect because he didn’t want to have to turn around and go back to Hollywood.

On the upside, Wilt, mom, Rosa, Yitzi and the rest of the guests were cool enough, and there was a ton of food. (I brought home a lot of broccoli casserole and a tin of cookies). There was an interesting blend of Portuguese, Hebrew and English conversations going on….I wish I understood more of the non-English stuff that was going on in my periphery.

I’d already received my big giftie, (the futon mattress and cover), but my sticking had some more goodies in it. A few Newt toys (I think he’s still partial to the toys he got from the Strawberry shortcake bag when Lisa/Lisa visited) and I got the usual stocking fare. Lip Balm, a new toothbrush, hand sanitizer, some chocolates, a notepad and sharpie pen.

Thanks to Sandy for the flickr pro account!

Internet Classic resurfaces for the purpose of torturing the graypumpkin. – David Hasselhoff singing Hooked on a Feeling (warning, some ads on the site not safe for work)

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