8060 – Wednesday.. back to work for 2.5 days.

GeotargetPicked up a gift for myself… rather grown-up.. two dress shirts (dark green plaid and gray plaid) , two pair of pants (sort of a blue-gray, and a charcoal gray), three pair of dress socks (black), and a new pair of shoes (Black dress sneaks). $240, and that’s on sale. It can be tough buying nice clothes for the jolly green giant. Nothing is ever truly inexpensive, though it might be made cheaply.I’d rather drop the extra $10 per item and get something that’ll survive twice as long and hang in a more flattering and comfortable way on the body.

It’s getting harder and harder to find clothes not made in China or Indonesia, and even stuff “made in the USA” is questionable, it seems.

Jim Dandy Boosh icon.

I’m the ape of the death and I don’t care
‘Cause I’m the monkey with the loverly hair
Its all fluffy and shiny too
‘Cause I got that miracle wax from Naboo

Don’t be cynical it’s a follicle miracle
I said don’t be cynical I get waxing lyrical

PantsPantsPants succeeded in re-shooting, scene for scene, and in excruciating detail, the entire opening sequences of season 1 and season 5 of the popular television show “Full House.”

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