7978 – I rewind about 19 years after emulation.

GeotargetNice relaxing day with Danny. Went to CJ’s for Lunch, hit target to do a little holiday shopping, roamed the neighborhood a bit on foot.

It seems that Dan thinks that I have a higher IQ than he does.. he sells himself a little short, I think, or maybe he’s selling me long. He confided in me that a lot of his goofiness is premeditated, although mine is generally off the cuff. Kristy the bartender much more “crushworthy” than Miranda the waitress. Miranda was nice, but seemed to be running on very low fuel cells… in need of a few red bulls.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usI told Danny about OGRE, and he was fairly enthused. Maybe I’ll pick up a copy just to keep in the games closet. I wish I still had the version for the Atari ST… I’d love to run that on my caSTaway emulator on the palmtop. Maybe a disk image of it is somewhere around. What brought it to mind is the local Zion Lutheran church looks just a bit like a Mark V. (Minus the bristling weapons, giant tractor-treads and malevolent AI, of course.)

update, an Atari st disk image of ogre can be found at #202 here, and a windows emulator here SainT I just spent about 2 hours playing Ogre, and some other classics.very spiffy emulator, even plays a sound file of the old floppy drive noise, if you want. boy, I really stink at Ogre these days… practice makes perfect! Chessmaster 2000 and the Temple of Apshai Trilogy (image 141) really brought me back to 1986, junior year in high school, wasting time in my room when I should’ve been doing homework.

It’s sort of funny to think that I was playing these video games before a few of my friends were even born. Ah, the generation gap. (Temple was released in 1980… I remember playing it on a few different systems, the first being an Atari 800)

Fracas is a great word.

I haven’t felt much desire to hang with Magda this week. Not sure why. I know my time is limited, but the drive isn’t there. Not sure if it’s a loss of interest, or some subconscious way of protecting my feelings.

Best of Jefferson Airplane (full album download)