8061 – I’m a dramateuge. I teuge it up drama style.

GeotargetDr Who Christmas Special was pretty groovy, and I think that I like the new actor as the doc. (I was worried he’d be too much of a pretty boy. The preview for the next episode looks good, too.

Christmas at the ‘borgs in ’96. (Compare to the borgs in ’05) Cathi hasn’t aged save for longer hair, Elizabeth is a young lady rather than a tot. I’ve lost weight and some of my beard, Dave’s Gained a little weight, and Who knows where Eryn, Brian, Brian, and Bev are… Leisa’s a mommy, as is Cathi. I still have that shirt, last worn on walkabout 2 weeks ago. It’s still in great shape… amazingly comfy and durable. Only a wee bit faded.

Thursday already! Old man 2005 is going to make way for Baby 2006’s stinky diaper very soon!

I called CompUSA yesterday, and requested a progress report on my system, including an ETA on the Graphics card that was due nearly two weeks ago. After being on hold for about 15 minutes, they said that they’d call me back shortly with the answer. They never did.

ADP came by the office yesterday, all sweetness and light. She wants her job back, because she hates her new one. I really don’t see *that* happening. She and RS are semi-buds these days, now that ADP is no longer a part of the company.

The Zip+4 33441-5482 contains only 9 addresses, one of which is mine. via the awesome melissadata – found while looking for my city’s demographics. (and crime stats, weather

No 2-dimensional reality slices here… 3-dimensional truth nuggets! You’d better watch it, or I’ll be all over you like a nun sandwich.

Moment of Lyric MP3

Instrumental – It’s a great way to get up and move in the morning.

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