8062 – Fri-day-yay!


I’ve said that more than a few times in my life.

I’ll refrain from pointing any fingers today, mostly because it seems like that no matter where I point, I’ll hit that situation regardless.

Computer’s video card is on backorder. What the heck. Expected a in a week or so. Cripes… at this rate, I’d just be happy to get my device back before my birthday at the top of February.

Took paperwork home with me last night, just so I could get it finished, because the office needs have been so hectic the past week or two that I can’t sit down for 90 minutes to crank out the proper thought required for the police interviews, data crunching, and etc without being bugged ever 15-20 minutes for something like “Scott, could you show me how to forward my email to someone again?” or “Burn me 20 CDs of that PowerPoint Presentation, would you?… oh, and could you customize ’em for the departments?”

Brainless, tedious stuff, but the vast majority of the folks there just don’t know how to do that sort of thing… and what’s more, they don’t want to learn how. So, I go from being an underpaid Net Admin / Webmaster / Police Liason / Child Advocate, and turn into a highly paid power user because every 4/5 people there is a technical uglato.

Listen to a brilliant version of Devo’s Mongoloid.
From WFMU’s On the Download.

My Wakeup music of the day – Hawaii Tattoo – The Waikikis (mp3) – thanks, Podsville!

Crunks ’05: The Year in Media Errors and Corrections – interesting. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad.

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