7998 – Just another Manic Mondayyyyy…

GeotargetWent on a long walkabout yesterday… down Hillsboro to the beach, and then around to the Deerfield mall out on Powerline to see the Narnia movie and get $3.99 all you can eat buffet pizza at Cici’s. Shared a table with a Jamacian lady on “holiday” in the states – I put holiday in quotes, because she was working her vaykay in a child care center. I dug Narnia… the Christian allegory was there, but it wasn’t so heavy handed as to annoy any but folks that got offended at Tron or E.T. for the same stuff are going to bark louder over this.

That said, I quite enjoyed Narnia. The kids chosen to play were well-picked, and Edmund would make an excellent “Kid Miracleman” should someone decide to kick Alan Moore in the ribs and squeeze out the rights to make a movie. I quite enjoyed the CGI, which was smooth and believable despite what I’d heard earlier. I wonder how people that are unfamiliar with the books will do with the talking animals and other remarkable characters in the movie? Some might say it makes for a younger audience, but there are some grim parts that a little kid might not fare so well with, especially in regards to Aslan. (it is bloodless, but still strong content) I might’ve picked another person than Tilda Swinton to play the White Witch in the film, despite the fact that she did a fine job, I kept seeing the Borg Queen (even though Alice Krige is a totally different actress). The movie is as loyal to the story as I remember it (hasn’t been read for years… possibly/probably a decade or more.)

If I had a kid, I’d certainly take ’em to see it over any Harry Potter flick. I may look for the Narnia stuff as Audiobooks.. I suspect that it’ll transfer to listening-stuff better than Lord of the Rings.

Walkabout stats – 12.2 miles, burned 3034 calories. Good thing, considering that I scarfed down a pile o’pizza at Cici’s. I’m glad there isn’t one closer to work, or I’d be in diet danger.

Nose is a little sunburned from being out and about all day. Adds to the “Santa Look”.

Hm. That brings up a question.

I’d heard yesterday that 61% of folks in the USA wear corrective lenses. Can that be true? More than not?

Ah, here’s the breakdown.

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