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10,828 – Tuesday

Nice day today – pleasant events included some material gain – entered bottle code and got a kindle 3 for my trouble — Looking to filling the it with lots of free goodies when it arrives. (How to do almost everything with a kindle 3 )

If you mail me a goodie – anything like a .txt .doc or .pdf – it’ll pop up on my kindle. This is the address: scottobear@free.kindle.com

I also  got an unexpected holiday windfall in the bank, too.

Quick breakdown of holiday loot in no particular order –

  • A lovely fair isle knit cap from BHK – green and gray, covered with little knit robot designs – pictures to follow.
  • A nice wallet from the in-laws, including a gift cert for my friendly neighborhood comic store (third eye in annapolis), plus they picked up all the comics in my folder.
  • Plants vs Zombies from Cathy & Dave!
  • A boatload of candy in my stocking from santa
  • chocolate covered pretzels from the zombies
  • chocolate covered cherries from the kitties
  • shake-cup for drinks from Cathy & Dave
  • hand knit fair isle cup cozy from amy rose
  • A nice check from the grandparents in-law
  • a nice check from the in-laws
  • a nice check from the momster and wilton
  • a spiffy calendar from Sean & J
  • gift cert to gamestop from Adam
  • … more to follow in the mail from Kev and Danny coming soon!

What the.

At least 45 people, most of them voodoo priests, have been lynched in Haiti since the beginning of the cholera epidemic by angry mobs blaming them for the spread of the disease, officials said.

“People who practice voodoo have nothing to do with the cholera epidemic,” said Max Beauvoir, the head of a voodoo organization in the Caribbean country.

Some of the victims were killed with machetes, others were burned alive by mobs that added tires and gasoline to stoke the fires. The cholera outbreak started in October.

The victims have been targeted because of “misinformation” that had been circulating in the community that voodoo practitioners were spreading cholera by using witchcraft, according to communications Minister Marie-Laurence Lassegue.

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Entry 10,030 – Too many pictures, not enough words lately. 12/18/2009

I’ve been cheating quite a bit – I prefer to post verbal over visual content. I’ll admit that I like to see pictures of Christmas, family and the kitties as much as the next guy, but to me, a photograph with just a small caption is strangely silent, especially coming from me.

What have I been up to lately, dear journal? Let’s see.

On Wednesday, I went to a job fair in Northern Virginia… I’m thankful that my background allows me to qualify for a good clearance ranking. DC area seems to prefer folks with an ability to do so.

Yesterday, BHK, Chris and I went to the Mexico restaurant for supper – aside from that, I went to physical therapy and rested in bed with the boys. Tonight we’re scheduled to visit the Manspergers for some baked Ziti and good conversation – Sean has been very helpful, in helping me to seek out opportunities in this region.

I’m looking forward to a snowy day tomorrow. Supposed to be 12-20 inches in my neck of the woods!

Amy is coming to visit from the 26th to the 30th! Right on!

I’m digging the new statistics page for livejournal. Makes it easier to track hits than by hiding little sensors in each post, certainly. The “my guests” feature is especially engrossing – I never know so many flyby’s happened to old entries!

I’m glad the tv show lost is in it’s final season. I don’t hate the show… but I am tired of the hype. I watched the first season or so, and then stopped, when it occurred to me that they’d keep making shows as long as advertisers would pay to keep ‘em on the air, and not because there’s a solid plot going from beginning to end. I feel the same about Heroes, sadly.  If there had been something more engaging than “what is the answer” and one I’d never get, I’d probably dig both of those shows.

Also, I think Blade should’ve been in Twilight, not Buffy.

New Years, I’m planning on doing the Polar bear plunge, unless my health isn’t into it. Current holiday loot breakdown – all of it wonderful!

  • Mom and Wilton – Oranges, Honey and assorted grove goodness from Florida.
  • Ish & company –  a tin of yummy cookies, a picture of Newt drawn by Li’l bit, two wonderful tree ornaments – one says “we <3 u infinity”, and a pair of sea stars in beach gear and a great hand-done card, complete with glitter!
  • Karen (Kev’s sis)– super friends Cartoon DVD (via Amazon… BHK and I didn’t recognize her married name, so it took me a sec to figure out who it was!)
  • Cathy and Dave – Cookies! and three wrapped gifts to put under the tree!

Just a reminder to folks on Steam or Windows live gaming – I’m user Scottobear there (and just about everywhere else, too) – If you want to friend me there, please do! I’d love to do a little left 4 dead or borderlands with a pal. My official new year’s resolution for 2010 – do the yearly countdown daily again, if possible.
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9903 – pictures from the yard sale

Got up at 6:30 this morning and went for an hour walk with Chris before heading off to some of the last gasp yard sales of the summer.

Yard Saling stuff – not showm, more legos, bake sale goodies consumed.


I find the toys, BHK the antiques. We both find the hot air balloon / pregnant women / overpopulation picture cool, then creepy. It is already hanging in next to the office.

After the sale, we headed home, while Chris and Mandy went on to Annapolis, BHK and I stopped off at the local historical society and did a treasure hunt with a 4-year-old boy named Annikin. (I guess the parents are star wars fans… was that a “real name” before the movies?

In-laws took us to dinner at outbakc – made use of gift certificats Adam and Anna gave ’em on the 4th of July – I had a lovely baked potato, salad, and shrimp.

Returned home to play some monopoly dice with Chris and Mandy, but the boys were wiped out – Mandy and BHK played Balloon Cup, instead.

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9827 – Wednesday

Loot from the Thrift store –

3 glow-in the dark dinos – dimetron, triceretops and velociraptor
a godzilla third-string kaiju-  Sort of like gomess/ godzilla mix with a hooked horn on his forehead.
kids in the hall dvd
merlin tv series dvd (the one with ed neill and martini short)
a rubber orangutan
a 3-d puzzle of the empire state building, still in original wrap
2 pairs of shorts – khaki / tan
a nice short-sleeved shirt – white with red line pattern
a fallout 3 lunchbox
a pile of books, including a mess of veggie cookbooks, his dark materiels, the canary trainer, a selection of others that don’t leap immediately to mind.
a deck of cards, war, and 52 things to do in DC (were together in a grab bag for 80 cents)
some puzzle game software that BHK has taken upstairs already and is playing now

Durning the time BHK and Mandy were out and about, I got a lot of work done looking for a gig – They’re also are heading to Annapolis tomorrow to do some shopping and hanging out, too –  Hopefully I can be as productive.

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9767 – Monday

Danny sent me a solar powered robot frog, and a game –  infernal contraption.

BHK is currently making some awesome-smelling supper – something involving tortilla wrappers,  hot sauce, potatoes, zucchini, teriyaki sauce, and vegetarian meat called “veat”

Tomorrow – going to a job fair

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9703 – Monday –

Happy Cuatro De Mayo! BHK brought home a few fun things from the thrift store – Aztec statuary for the lawn – a temple, an Idol, and a terra-cotta dancer!

BHK drove me in to work today – made the transition the first day back a lot simpler. We scanned for Franklin, but it was raining. He isn’t as silly as the puff from yesterday – knows when to get out of the rain (unlike Pyewacket, who likes to stick his head under any faucet he can. Hurricane baby.


Some days, I feel a bit like Lennie from Of Mice and Men… I feel that I have to be extra gentle, just so I don’t demolish everything in my path. I don’t want to break any necks, either figuratively or otherwise.

I’m getting better about it, though. Today was exhausting, but I’m glad I’m back at my gig.

Big Bang was cute tonight – lots of nods to nerds, and dinner was a broad assortment of nibs and nabs… veggie spare ribs, taquitos, rice, jalepeno poppers, and edamame! very tasty, and I’m going to pop in a moment.

Sweet dreams, dear journal.

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9677 – Saturday –

Got my allergy shots today, and Dr. Moody was in – fortunately for me, as I was really pretty sore and my epidural isn’t for 2 weeks yet. She gave me a scrip for prednisone, some knockout drops for nighttime, and a nice dose of muscle relaxer for when I need to function at work.

While BHK was getting the scrip filled, I visited the radio shack next door for a power cord to juice my $1 police scanner – no dice, but I did get a tv tuner for the pc – much fun, but need to get a better antenna for more signal. (right now I get one analog pbs channel (poorly), and 3 digital channels.)

Picked up our mail, and then ducked in out of the rain at the candy store (I had to help E. Bunny with BHK’s basket) – we discover grape-flavored wax mustaches… bhk augmented hers with a candy cigarette. far superior to cherry wax lips of my youth.

0411091519.jpg. 0411091510.jpg

After that, I was pretty tuckered out, spent the rest of the day taking it easy – back was really out of whack.

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9676 – Friday

Was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I received a pair of Skullcandy skullcrusher Bass Headphones in the mail – I won them online in the mountain dew voltage contest website. I’ll probably use them mostly for playing fallout 3 or other shooters, rather than listening to music.

BHK got a summons about the gunslinging the car chase through our neighborhood nearly 2 years ago.

No Franklin this morning – BHK let me sleep in and drove me to work!

Also form BHK – fresh flowers opening up in the garden! The Green Glow is really starting to shine!


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9675 – Thursday –

Went back to the doctor yesterday, and was scheduled for an epidural on 4/28. Hopefully, that’ll help with the sciatica issues… and I’d *really* like it if someone canceled early, so I don’t have to wait just shy of three weeks to get treatment.

We had dinner on the porch last night – it was nice, but still a wee bit chilly. sub sammiches, as the sun went down.

No Franklin this morning, but saw the little brown girl cat last night while waiting for BHK to pick me up.

BHK found me a ton of new clothes at the thrift store – some giant must’ve gotten a new wardrobe, because I have something like a dozen or more shirts. Mostly short sleeved plaid stuff like I enjoy, but a few dress shirts suitable for work, too.

Enjoyed both episodes of the office, and parks & Rec was ok too.

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9670 – saturday

I got out of the house briefly to babysit Tigger with BHK at the in-laws (they’re off camping) and to visit the neighborhood flea market today – normally would’ve walked, but rolled in the love cube instead due to lack of mobility.

Spent a total of $80 today. Here is some of what we got:

  • hand held police scanner (for $1!) it works!
  • A big pile of books to read (William Kidd for me, a bunch of goodies for BHK)
  • flash comic, seaguy comic
  • 2 new iron chairs for the porch ($27)
  • 4 plastic dinosaurs ($2)
  • a picnic basket, complete with plates, cups and such ($5)
  • a beeswax candle of a bear on a beehive
  • a chocolate brownie
  • 2 chocolate chip pumpkin muffins
  • a yummy loaf of birdseed bread
  • a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie
  • 2 handmade cereal bowls – aquamarine – really pretty!
  • 4 potted ranunculus, with a ton of buds (pink, yellow, orange, red)
  • 2 long boxes for the flowers, plus potting soil.
  • dvd player ($5) for larry

After riding around, my back was pretty rough, and BHK was feeling it too – headed home and just chilled out. I’m a little worried that I over exerted myself by just standing up and sitting down so much. Ugh.

Random pic from the hardware store last week – forgot to post it. I am juvenile.


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9643 – Monday-

Still getting used to the time change – I’m a sleepy bear today.

Brought Donna some Irish Potato Candy for St. Patty’s Day – (Sort of like this ) – It went over well – Cinnamon sugar and coconut make a lovely combo and look like potatoes!

Love cube is at the car doctor, to check out his headlight, tires, and frame issues. Let’s see if insurance likes what the mechanic has to say.

via dcist –  This looks like a fun project for history and photography buffs alike. Flickr user jasonepowell is taking old photos and finding the location at which they were shot and, as you can see, overlaying them for a whole new image. You can see the original photo he’s using in the Library of Congress’ Flickrstream.

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9613 – Wednesday

Carrot goldfish floating belly up – instead of sacrificing it to the garden, it’s being fed to the squirrels.

BHK bought us some new Pillows – comfy, but I still prefer a minimalist approach under my noggin when I sleep.

TVP burgers with leftover Mac & Cheese – Watched an episode of Ace of cakes, then Homework night! Catching up last minute goodies for tomorrows meeting. Until later, dear journal!

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