8069 – New(t) Year’s Eve

GeotargetDear 2006,

Please be nicer to everyone than your older sibs have been! I got along ok with 2005, but really liked the time I spent with 2002-2003 a lot more then ’04 and ’05 combined. Let’s get off to a good start and keep things as full of peace, love and happiness as possible.

Trying hard to not sound too much like a hippie,

Your Friend,

testing brightness filters on my most patient model.

3 newt pics -click for a bigger view

newt 12/30/05
crazy orange! “auto adjust settings”

newt 12/30/05
standard indoor settings

newt 12/30/05
Best result, -2 white, indoor A setting.

many soundtracks for the sampling here

Coldplay vs. Kraftwerk
“Computer Talk”
4.6MB 160kbps mp3 – via Party Ben

See Also –
99 Voodoo Children – Jay-Z and Jimi Hendrix

Bootystition – Destiny’s Child and Stevie Wonder

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