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You are

Father John Francis Patrick Mulcahy

Well, you’re not really him; you just resemble this fictional character. A bit.
Let’s get that straight before you start administering the last rites or teaching nuns how to box.

Great Ape Project – the goal is “granting great apes the basic moral and legal protection that only human beings currently enjoy.” Yes, they are totally serious. Buy an Equality Link to show you’re down with all primates!

28 things survey

1.[Spell your name backward]: ottocs
2. [Where do you live?]: Fort Lauderdale
3. [Describe yourself in 4 words]: Big, fuzzy, German sweetie
4. [Who is your worst enemy?]: My evil twin, Garth
5. [If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?]: Newt! and I got him!
6. [What is the latest you’ve ever stayed up]: 78 hours or so
7. [Ever been to Belgium?]: Nope!
8. [What’s your favorite coin?]: 1900 silver dollar I got from my dad as a kid.
9. [Wallet]: funds folded around assorted ID cards
10. [Brush]: black, firm bristles, green handle-stripe. Used twice a day, usually.
11.[Toothbrush]: Orange, medium strength bristles, no weird technology stripes, picks or battery-packs.
12. [Jewelry worn daily]: none… before the line broke, a hemp necklace.
13. [Pillow cover]: currently, the origin of the silver surfer.
14. [Blanket]: many! blue fuzzy, white fuzzy, satin coverlet, and brown coverlet. all are mashed together for sleep-hugging
15. [Coffee cup]: palm beach blood bank, pink. currently holding raspberry tea.
16. [Sunglasses]: my weakness. I lose them within a month of purchase.
17. [Underwear]: white boxers with multicolored atoms all over them. the nuclei are smiley faces.
18. [Shoes]: Barefoot
19. [Handbag]: n/a, but I do carry a nice laptop bag sometimes. black canvas.
20. [Favorite top]: tie-dyed red, white and black pirates of the caribbean t-shirt
21. [Favorite pants]: Tan khakis
22. [Cologne/Perfume]: patchouli, cool water, ck-1… it varies. lately, it’s patchouli, lightly applied
23. [CD in stereo right now]: Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye – A tribute to Roky Erickson
24. [Tattoos]: none, yet
25. [Piercings]: as above
26. [Wearing]: olive green shirt with small, darker green patterns, khaki pants
27. [Hair]: Currently in Fabio-mode
28. [Makeup]: Does arrid extra dry count?

Landlord is running late to come over and work on the AC… I’m not comfortable with strangers (including my landlord) in my place when I’m not home, so I’m staying here until he arrives. I hope he doesn’t make me late for the Bonnie meeting at 2.

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