Dream last night… Ray, (someone I’ve not heard from in years) , was working at a Walgreen’s.. selling some sort of temperature and orientation based paint… You could put it on anything, and the color would tell you what direction the item is pointed in. He was mad, because they made him put it on his forehead and had to do handstands every time a customer asked him. (There was a sign, that commanded…”Ask me to stand on my head”) For some reason, we came to the conclusion that it’d have been better to put it on paper airplanes, but his manager put the kibosh on that. I think if the real Ray had been there, we’d have come up with a better idea.

Cool little people! They’re all pretty neato. I’m not sure if I could pick a favorite.

from sjg-

Unless you have $40,000 to throw around, you won’t be picking up one of Actuality’s new no-goggles-required domed 3D displays. Not this year, at least. But isn’t it neat?
This is not a hologram; it’s a rotating screen that tricks the eye. That rushing sound you hear is the future getting closer.

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