Went to All Books and Records with the bro… he got the spider-man ps2 game for a song (direct trade for street fighter 3….) and I got a copy of The Big Book of the Weird Wild West… he had things to do today, so we parted company there, and I went on to Past Present Future. Sadly, they had no copies of UA2 left in stock, but they’ll hold one and call me when it comes in. I did get gifties for the office however…The Essential Spider-Man, Volume 1, The Essential Fantastic Four Volume 1, Essential Hulk, and Essential Dr. Strange. That should keep Kevin, Karen, and myself busy for a while during the slow-compile, data-crunching times. I added a couple of those to my wish list, too…just so I can remember to order myself the Howard the duck collection. Waugh! Next time I send off a goodie bag, I’m going to get a few of the used things for myself. (No point in paying $4 shipping for a $4.50 book.)

Here’s the trip I took today…not bad… about 13 miles round trip(with shortcuts and bus travel not counting). a healthy haul (mind you, I had a nice shopping breather twice in between. It was a nice enough day that I didn’t take the bike too far on the bus… but it was nice to know that the option was there if I’d tuckered out. Needless to say, I did shortcut through the park on the way home, so you can shave about a mile off there. I’m bone tired now, but feel good after having had a nice shower.

A Picture of a squirrel from Holiday Park. He was drinking from a puddle, and I barely had time to catch him. I’m happy that I snapped him in motion! trimmed to spare narrow friend’s pages

As Albus Dumbledore, you are talented, intelligent, caring and a prominent leader. You have a full awareness of the distinction between right and wrong, and have a good and independent understanding of various moral issues. You are able to take leadership of a large group, and your conscientious and friendly nature makes you respectable to your peers.

What? Not Hagrid?


Upside, the Bro will go with me as far as all-books, but then will be turning back. He’s doing something later this afternoon with his roomie and roomie’s cousin. I should be seeing Msk and Riker in my travels, though.

Going to launch in about 15 minutes, so I’ll see you later, dear journal.

Well… that was quick and easy.

remaining tasks – [updated 10:55am]

  • Dawdle some more.
  • Pick up prescription
  • Head to All Books & Records, look for “people of” series, etc
  • PPF
  • Home by 5ish

Now, to have some tasty bagels and veggie spread for breakfast.

How could you build that TRACKING SYSTEM, Kent?!!!

Life imitates Real Genius!!!

American defense contractors are developing a laser weapon for fighter aircraft that may be powerful enough to blind people on the ground, even if they are relatively far from the target….

No word as to whether or not the head of the project hates popcorn. (p.s. As a kid, I had a *huge* crush on Jordan from that movie. Goofy, smart gal in Coveralls…how could I resist? I guess I’ve always had a fondness for cute, brainy spaz-types.)

Of course, it’s company policy never to imply ownership in the event of a dildo… always use the indefinite article: “a dildo;” never: “your dildo.”

Don’t forget: Cowboy Bebop marathon, 11 PM-2 AM, Saturday night through Sunday Morning on Cartoon Network Scotto, get a blank tape today.

Ok… enough dawdling… time to hop in the shower, and start the day.

  • Dry off
  • Dawdle some more.
  • Drop off Prescription
  • Paycheck
  • Arrange Rent Payment.
  • Groceries
  • Pick up prescription, and blank vcr tape
  • Call Brother re: tooling around on bikes today
  • IM MsK, and see if they want to meet at Past Present Future, or Sawgrass.
  • Give Newtie Good Lovies
  • Head to All Books & Records, look for “people of” series, etc
  • PPF
  • Bike up to the beach?
  • Sawgrass? (if it feels ok)
  • Home by 5ish