Stream of thought

Of the songs I’ve heard the grim reaper sing, I like this one the best –

I’m a kitty cat
I wear a bowl of peanuts
for a hat!
If I eat them all,
I will get fat
blah blah blah, I’m a kitty cat!

my alyssum has already started peeking little baby leaves on the east side of the house! got to love this Florida weather!

Newt and I just played a quick round of bearskin rug vs. tigerskin rug. Newt won, the slacker.

I would like a slice of ice cream cake, or perhaps an ice cream sandwich. something cool, creamy and with chocolate bits… or some pocky.

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone that actively dislikes the Beatles. The only people I can imagine doing so are surly teens trying to sound anti-establishment or something.

My current discovery on internet radio – Pirates Choice – Orchestra Baobab Pretty spiffy stuff…if you like African/Cuban hybrid music sung in French. The stuff you’d have playing in the background of a spy novel set in South Miami. I dig it ok. Most of the tracks are available on Kazaa, or have a listen on the Amazon link there if you have real player.

I forgot to mention, I got a drink of Gatorade at the shell station across from the ‘mat, and they were selling little Lego race cars there for $1. Pretty nifty little toy, and a nice trinket of happiness to share with my striped roommate.

Do I have to return to work tomorrow? Did I really have 4 days off? Apparently the answer to both is “Yes, Scotto.”

I think “Scooter-pie” would be a cute nickname for me. I’ve been called “Scooter” before. speaking of which… truth in advertising!.

Note to self, call Newt’s doc tomorrow, and give change of address & phone, as well as my own.

the new 'mat

7/7/02 1:04 pm – palmtop

interesting place… fort lauderdale has more ‘beautiful people’ than pompano…more folks my age, too.

friendlies at the mat, and one or two oddballs, but no mean or scary-folk.

had a short chat with a local, and it was pleasant… nice to make a stranger smile, and I got a book reccomondation out of it. (a bio of the romanovs) I showed her piccies of my sweetie and other fun things to do on the palm, like ebooks… I should be a spokeman.

guys with shoulder-hair shouldn’t wear tank tops. nor should gals guys with shoulder-hair, for that matter.

I need to pick up ‘bed in a bag’ from wal-mart… I saw three designs that really suit me, and the price is right.

body count from my far left to far right-

1 biker couple, woman in lycra pants and top, guy with many tattoos, including web on elbow
1 pair dykes, a stereotypical bull and lipstick combo.
2 40-ish men (not together) staring at
1 cell phone chick, looked like she had major “upgrades” done to face and chest
1 sporty-guy (with shoulder-hair) chatting with
1 sporty-gal (no shoulder-hair)
1 smiling geek girl with possibly 8 loads to do (book reccomender)
3 late 20-ish guys (brothers?)
1 nuclear family (mother,father,son,daughter)
1 late 50s woman in capri pants
1 pod with a palmtop in a tie dye shirt and bermuda shorts

freaky forehead bone-looking sand amazes me how many people thought that Newt and I have synched digestive cycles, and about the sand dollar thing.

there’s a chirpy bird outside that’s driving Newt to distraction.. he’s peering out the window as I type, trying to figure a way to get to it.

Random American history factoid – in 1585, the first English colonists arrived in Roanoke Island, Virginia. (Now North Carolina). by 1590, all of the settlers had disappeared. The word “CROATOAN” is found carved into a tree.

Talked with my sweetheart, and now we’re both off to do chores! Mmm.. she makes the day complete. 🙂 Got to call the bro, and see if he needs any laundry done, while I’m at it.

until later, dear journal!