hmm… no DSL. I’ll have to call about that tomorrow after I find out when my bed arrives.

my poor sweetie is still hurting from the weekend… I’m sending her good, comfy thoughts for a speedy mend.

I’m bushed, and need to wake up early, so nighters, dear journal.

palm synch when I get dsl!

slept pretty well last… dreamt of my sweetheart and I together. soft rains, and Newtie-cuddles all night. I didn’t do walkies, I’m going to test the mettle of route 55 to get me where I’m going today. I did walk a bit last night… about 16 blocks to the 7-11… I picked up a jug o’ gatorade and evaluated the “emergency junk food” areas… no bad.. I can get good bread there, anyhow. I’ll investigate the region more during business hours… apperently, even in fort lauderdale, businesses roll up the carpets on sunday after 10pm.

DSL should be on tonight… at last, internet at decent speeds and a free phone line!

note to self, catch up with a few people on my reading list re: abuse, lj-abuse, ghosts, working at disney-florida and birthdays.

off to work… newtcam will be on.. keep an eye on my baby, dear journal!