seven colors in a rainbow.

seven chakras in the sanskrit texts.

seven varieties of barbasol shaving cream, if you count the discontinued wintergreen gel.

do I have to draw you a picture?

Man.. everyone forgets the other five symbols of the zodiac, too.

Odd how nobody’s doing any follow-ups on “no terrorist attacks happened yesterday”.

The fifth Harry Potter book is out! Well, in China, anyway.

If I were J. K. Rowling, I don’t know if I’d be enraged or incredibly amused. The writing is so…absurd…it’s hard to really be offended by the violation. It’s like some pop dada prank.

Goodbye, June. I’m glad yer gone. You’ve been a meanie month to me these last few years. Cut that nonsense out, and I’ll let you come by in another 11 months.

moonflower planted on the south side, near my front door… I think I’ll put up some strings for the vines to climb in a few weeks, and looking forward to the scent.

On the east side, the window by my bed, alyssum and catgrass.

Not sure yet what I’ll put on the north side, by the parking area. after these start to grow, I’ll plant some other nice botanicals near here, too. It was sort of weird, moving in with little areas of earth under each window, with nothing growing there, save for the odd weed. (The weeds are gone, by the way)

hmm… freshly showered, most of my chores are done, and it’s too rainy to go for a walk. time to see what sort of breakfast I can rustle up here… until later, dear journal.

eight legged freaks.

what a jim-dandy title for a giant spider monster movie.

I feel that I may go see MIB2 or the Powerpuff girls movie today. (heck, maybe a double feature, if I get my druthers)

My sweetie has to work today… maybe I can lure her over to yahoo games and play there with her for a bit. 😉

D’oh! that reminds me, I have to plant my moonflower seeds. be back in a bit, dear journal.