My sweetie’s such a fun, mischievous goof…she had a *wacky-fit* today at the store…I’m still laughing about it.

She tucked in early tonight, to rest and recharge for tomorrow… I think that I’ll join her, work by programming, or outlining a new short story on the laptop while she rests. sweet dreams, dear journal.

Oh, yeah. Happy Bastille Day!

Called the landlord, re: screens, bathroom, and window cranks. I’m also having him check the AC… it seems to be running warm today.

I’m pretty disappointed at his response time so far…I’ve been here two weeks and he only responds to my calls if I hunt him down and keep on him. I don’t know if he’s slacking, or just disorganized, but I don’t think any repair or minor fix should take any longer than a week to get to.

[update] – he came over to replace the screen, and stuff, but said to see if the ac dies entirely… he’ll be back tomorrow am.

How close are you to a nuclear waste hauling route?

from EH-

You probably know about the Wayback Machine, where you can surf older versions of Websites. But before that site hosted the Wayback Machine, it had (and still has) a serious collection of free films!

The Internet Moving Images Archive is a huge collection (1,254 so far) of old short films that have fallen out of copyright. The majority of the films fall into the “mental hygiene” category, and are probably similar to plenty of films that you saw in high school (if you went to high school before, say, 1960). You can peruse such titles as “Brooklyn Goes To San Francisco”, “How to Keep A Job”, and “You and Your Bicycle”. They’re free for the downloading, too! But unless you have a high-speed connection, you might want to simply stream the movies (most of the films give you the option of downloading or streaming).

Cool stuff: Some of the films will be familiar to viewers of MST3K. You can find such titles as “Body Care and Grooming”, “The Chicken of Tomorrow”, and “Hired!” Why not screen them in your own personal movie theatre and make snide comments about the action, just like on TV?

There’s even an example of the infamous musical productions that large companies used to put on for their annual conventions. You can check out a Chevrolet sales convention musical, and get an idea of how Big Business used to motivate its sales staff.

Representative quote: “As far as we know, this is the only site that presents high-quality downloadable movie data files practically free of use restrictions.”


long, hot day on the road… it’s nice to be back.

I found a single route from my place to Dan’s… #22 will go all the way from the central term to hiatus road, and on either side, maybe six miles of bicycling.

happy to be home now… playtime with Newtie!

Going to visit Dan this morning/midafternoon.. He had knee surgery, and is going to be all alone while his Mrs. is at church.. I couldn’t rouse the hippies to go to love fest… hopefully I can meet ci and her clan some other time soon…

I’ll try and take some piccies of my first bike/bus trip.

until this afternoon, dear journal!

Newt got his tarot cards read last night, and as usual with the reader, her interpretations were right on the money.

It boils down to him being healthy, but needing some reassurance, He thinks that I’m funny, he wants for me to deal with him honestly as he has done with me… … needing some motherly love….(the female represented in the Queen of Swords showed that), the king of pentacles showed that he considers me his parent, that that he knows I have to leave him when I go to work, but it’s a hard sacrifice for him sometimes.(it is for me, too.) Also that he wants more info about my comings and goings. etc…to help him understand.

I think I can do that.