Ah… this is what I was looking for.

There it is… SUBTERRANEAN ISLAND BASE WITH OPTIONAL VOLCANO UPGRADE. set that up about 15/20 miles off the coast, and I’ll be ready. Maybe the undersea city option instead?

Chewing on Earth by David Brin right now… a big, thick paperback, I’m about 30 pages into it. It was given to me to read about two years ago, and am just getting around to it. Not as engrossing as the Uplift books yet, more of an environmental theme, so far. I think that after I finish it, I’ll be technically refreshed enough to focus on a few of the programming projects that’ve been on the back burner.

Bro’s being a swell guy today…picked up ice cream for me at 7-11… he fly, I buy. It’s too bad that he’s allergic to Newtie. They both like one another, too. Ah well… they get to say hi every now and then…the bro just can’t stay inside for too long, and has to wash his hands after giving or getting Newtie loves.

Speaking of Newt… he’s found someplace in the house to hide my hair ties. Not by the food dish, by the litter box or in it (thank goodness… bleh!)… I haven’t discovered all the nooks and crannies here yet. I know he likes to sneak behind my books on the lower shelf (it’s deep).. hopefully he’s not putting them in a cache there…. Hard to get to .

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as of this writing

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and scottobear has 138 readers (That’s about 1/5 of the menstrualhut, or twice the coloringbook)… though about 10% or so are phantoms… linked to me, and then left LiveJournal for parts unknown.

for humility’s sake…

has 41884 members. (I believe that’s the most populated community on LJ)

In other news, Newton’s cuteness ratings went down, as did the number of votes… do older votes die off after a while?

sleeping late with a cat was retired, with a rating of 156.

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Dear LiveJournal user,

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