I have the 4th and 5th off from work… I have to call Newtie’s doctor and let him know about our change of address.

Cut the heel and the top of my left foot during walkies… twisted my foot in a funny way… surface scrapes, but they’re going to be tricky heals. Gauze and tape it is, and maybe *gasp* shoes with socks?

Friday might be the day to swing by the bicycle shop.

Reading enthusiasts across the globe have taken to leaving books laying around in public with a web address inside. The idea is that whoever picks up the book may find it a good read, register the book’s current location on the website, then leave it out to begin the cycle anew. A pretty cool idea, if you ask me, and much in the flavor of tracking George Washington – and to think it was all made possible by helium balloon technology, although sadly the romance of the message in a balloon has cynically given way to email indistinguishable from spam.

doing the fuzzy-gut strut.

Newtcam is on, and pointing at his foodies today.