A clear day! I could finally go for a little walk! I went to a nearby canal park, and roamed along the edge for a little bit

Now, fresh from the shower, I rise like the phoenix covered in steam, and I’m ready for today.

I dreamt about the wilderness near the coast last night. I think it was due to a photograph my sweetie showed me of the Lake Conoy. For some reason, I was charged with clearing an area for comfort… raking pine needles, and putting up some sort of tripod gizmo in the trees every so many yards…. I think it was to monitor wildlife (or tourists?) because they had to be hidden so that nobody would see them, but still have a clear line of sight to the sky. The dream took place during the day, but there was a soft yellow haze everywhere. Zombie Mist, again? I don’t think so. Maybe an echo of the Canada smoke I’ve been reading about lately.

Something that makes me giggle and lovey at the same time, from my beloved- is it any wonder that I’m smit by her brand of sugar?

*beso de dulce

mwah mwah mwah

oops, careful of my possum fangs

A moment of Goose

A man in the wilderness
Asked this of me,
“How many strawberries
Grow in the sea?”
I answered him
As I thought good,
“As many red herrings
As swim in the wood.”

Monster Island, pets and design, a programmable hat, and my local region for bookcrossing.

As soon as I get some labels printed up, I’m going to release Dandelion Wine and It’s Raining Frogs And Fish (I have multiple copies of each)

Where are Newt’s hind legs?
Newt at half-loaf