I coughed today, and heard an echo of my father.

I clear my throat in the exact same way. I had no idea until this morning.

Comforting, and sort of disconcerting at the same time. My brother and I have similar voice patterns, but not similar voices. genetic? learned? a little of both, I think.

reread robinson crusoe last night… I never noticed a specific error before… he strips down naked, swims to the ship for supplies, and then puts the supplies in his pockets… what is he, a marsupial?

good deed of the day – gave my all day bus pass to a guy as I got home.. saved him $2.50.

bought cat food, and seeds to plant in the garden area under my south and eastwindows…. sweet alyssum, and moonflowers. I may crossplant some catgrass out there too, for Newt’s friendly visitor.

Well, off to the showers, and a book to read in my NEW bed.gnite, dear journal.

my bed is here, and new cover for the futon mattress.

from dave-

stop dressing me with your eyes – Why walk around naked when you can be fully clothed and appear naked? Designer Alba D’Urbano’s new line of clothing for women is normal enough [if having a photograph of a nude female body printed to scale on your dress is normal]. The effect is striking, if a bit offsetting.

Probably not worksafe. I doubt wearing these is worksafe either.

smarterchild is aol… but he’s still on msn, and they’re releasing the tools this month to build your own bot.

Newtonorange will live again!

trepan.com… trepanation website. I need that like I need a hole in the head.

answer re:internet… 72 *business hours* from activation… so Wednesday. (or friday, considering that the 4th is a holiday.)

Cap’n Feathersword is kind of odd.

stitch is another cute, but annoyingly voiced creature, like slimer or uni. I’ve never liked that trend.

bed due before noon.