Crank yankers mostly sucks. (one good skit, four lame ones.) I hope that lame show gets replaced by something worthy of the timeslot.

I’m impressed at how funny south park was tonight, though.

please don’t worry about nt7… Yesterday morning the probability that it would collide with the Earth was one in 60,000. But by the end of the day, when a new set of observations had come in, the odds against a collision had risen to one in 75,000.

in happier news… the Fortean Times website is back online.. ahh… how I’ve missed it.

The idea was “trapped in a bathroom, with only a roll of TP and a magic marker to keep you entertained…”

trapped in a room with just a roll of TP, and a sharpie.

It’s only 16k, so I don’t feel bad about not lj-cutting.

individual sheets are –

  1. whirly-1
  2. whirly-2
  3. looking down a spiral staircase
  4. tiki god
  5. candle at night
  6. worm’s eye view of me in socks on a glass floor, eating lucky charms, messily…. or laying back, dreaming of my sweetie. you decide.
  7. whirly-3
  8. old prospector
  9. daisy in the dark…

Have to go to a follow-up from the lab at the doc’s this morning… I foresee a long wait and then a “you’re good… move on”

Burn up my morning, but better to be safe than for something weird to come up.

Wish me luck, dear journal.