Which He-Man LiveJournal Icon are you?

I’ve just discovered that I can do a pretty mean impersonation of “him” from powerpuff girls…sans the cool supernatural vibrato filter, of course.

“Well Hell-oh, Newt… aren’t you just adorable? What brings you to my neck of the woods, HmmM?”

just taken!

Newt’s reply: “Muh-Mer.”

Latest keywords searched that hit my page –

Google glowing skull keychain
Google kegelmaster
Lycos bubble cars
Google plague and pestilence wallpaper
Yahoo pictures of shanna the she devil
Google dumb donald sound
Google tasty bread free ride in a blimp

I think I’m due to do another animation… “day in the life” and “dream” were a lot of fun to do.

Time for me to head off to work… it still humors me to think that my commute is now only about 45 minutes instead of the two hours it used to be. (and I can get there inside of 15, on a straight shot in a cab. I’ll probably only do a cab on date nights, though, to catch up with my sweetheart before she gets too tuckered out.)

See you tonight, dear journal.

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