ok, it’s after Thanksgiving, I can start with the Christmas stuff.

Santa Claus powers (it’s long been known that we’re related)

Stuff I’m pretty good at –

  • Naughty / Nice detector
  • Entertaining Children
  • Having a Beard
  • Enjoying Cookies
  • Winking / nodding
  • chatting with elves
  • making lists (and double-checking them)
  • taking care of animals
  • eye-twinkling
  • shouting, and calling the reindeer by name
  • ho-ho-ho-ing in a deep voice
  • good grasp of toys – high technology and old school

Stuff that Needs work-

  • breaking and entering. (I can jimmy a car door with a clothes hanger, though)
  • traveling at high speeds in a sleigh
  • spreading cheer (only good in short bursts at the moment)
  • Shaking like a bowl full of jelly
  • Wearing Boots
  • Levitating reindeer, or any animals, really.
  • preferring to convert evil over the simpler “destroy it” method.
  • whistling
  • smoking a pipe
  • spectacles
  • working inside high pressure deadlines
  • good penmanship

I need to work on a Christmas Icon, too. I wonder where the santa-scotto went?


cool word of the day, inspired in part by the sixth picture in sirenity‘s entry here.

Nephelococcygia (Noun) – [ne-fê-lê-kê-‘si-jee-yê]

Definition 1: (Literally, “Cloud-cuckoosville”) Interpreting the shapes of clouds.

Definition 2: La-la land, a dreamland cut off from reality.

Usage 2: Nephelococcygia was dreamed up by Aristophanes for his comedy, “The Birds” (414 BC). In this play, two characters turn into birds and immediately begin planning a city (never realized), which they decide to call “Nephelococcygia.” Capitalize the word if it refers to the imaginary city. The adjective would be “nephelococcygic,” as in “Fred is suffering nephelococcygic delusions.”

Seven syllables. Perfect for center placement in a haiku.

I find some fascinating shapes in clouds, fire, wood grain, paint whorls, puddle reflections and Newton stripes….

On a more pleasant note, thanksgiving is here; I’ve got a 4-day weekend ahead of me. Hopefully, there’ll be plenty of time for hanging out with my sweetie, outdoor recreation (Scouting for pictures), playing with the Gnoot, maybe a game of mage knight or two with Dave and / or Dan. I know my sweetheart has a *full house* today on her end, and I hope that it goes without a hitch.

I would *love* to have a house like this one. Perfect for the cold war, or when zombies roam the earth. (or, if you don’t want to be bothered by noisy neighbors!)