I’m home from my day out. Had a nice time with Danny. He came over at about 9:30…we spent the morning shooting the breeze, playing a couple of games of mage knight over honey nut cheerios. At about 2-ish we had pizza and then headed out to pick up my check, deposited it, and then mallwalked for a couple of hours. We finished our day over beers at Spritzel’s. I had a root beer and he had a blonde from the tap. There were a lot of the “beautiful people” out and about on Las Olas and in the mall…also an unusual amount of German speakers. I guess South Florida is on the safe-list for them again. The Food Court at the Galleria is about kaput…. Only thing left is the Sbarros… no Nathan’s, no Chinese, no deli! What happened? Do I have the death-touch for nearby malls? Thank Goodness there’s still a place to get beer and kraut!

We didn’t bother going to the starlight and movie, but I think Danny is feeling a lot less burned-out, at least for the time being. We talked about what we’d like to see in the future, and I think that my desire is pretty realistic… I’d like a nice home with my sweetheart sometime… with a goodly-sized library.

I just tried to call my mom, and wish her a happy day, but nobody was there to answer the phone. I’ll try again in about an hour… maybe she went out to party already. Meantime, I’m going to hop in the ol’ shower, then kick back and read for a while.

I have some candy corn, almond joy bites and mounds bites left if anyone wants some candy! Actually, I may save the candy corn for my sweetie, but if anyone wants coconutty yumyums, just swing on by… I’ll hook you up.

First of November!

Fresh month… payday, day off.

Dan’ll be here in about 15-45 minutes. I think the day will go like –

  1. Breakfast of Banana Yoo Hoo and cereal here
  2. Mage Knight for an hour or two
  3. Bookstore for a bit
  4. Pick up and then deposit my paycheck (it’ll take two pay periods for my direct deposit to go to the new account)
  5. Lunch at the starlight diner
  6. Movie – that sandler thingie, probably
  7. *Not sure what else*

I don’t think we’ll play zombies, but who knows?