Why do toasters always have a setting that burns toast to a horrible crisp no one would ever eat? Does anyone deliberately chomp on “chunk of carbon”?

I wonder how soon the 2nd Harry Potter movie’s going to be on p2p stuff… or if it’s on already? Did J.K. ever get around to getting the fifth book out? (Quick Amazon check) Nope. Slacker. She’s going to miss the bus. Amazon is scary, now that I have paypal / online funds transfer again. Danger! One click shopping! Run, boy! It’ll gitcha if’n yer not careful!

Q: what kind of bees gives milk?

*Sending healthier vibes to my sweetie, who’s got a case of the icky-sickies today.

Kev’s supposed to swing my paycheck by… I have a few things to take care of today, that have to wait until after that happens.

According to a TV commercial – the average American owes $8000, has 12 credit cards and pays $83 a month in interest alone.

Good grief! *12* credit cards? I really am a pod. I can see the average person having a few… maybe even five or six, if you count oddball sears or department store.

I have one card, and owe nothing but rent and utilities… “normal bills”. I don’t believe in buying something unless I have the money already earned to cover it. (unless it’s an emergency or necessity)

What is up with the credit mindset? I suspect that folks just get used to the idea of “free money” and forget that they have to pay it later. I wonder if it’s a result of folks not having an allowance as kids. That’s how I learned… babysitting the neighbor’s kids made me the cash I required for consumerism. If there was something I wanted, I saved for it or did without.

Note to self – I need to get today-


A restocked pantry
Fresh fruit – (are blueberries in season?)
Green beans
Treats for me… Ice cream, maybe?

famous deaths, the week in review. has great photos, which makes all the difference. See also the much more complete and useful archive-wise Dead People Server.

Newton looks like a newscaster, or a hangin’ judge here. I think he needs a little red tie, blazer, a few blue index cards… and a microphone. “Next caller, you’re on the air!”
Judge Newton finds you guilty, and you will hang from the neck until you are D-E-D dead!

Ed Rooney should never have gotten on that school bus.

Just got a call… they’ve tentatively rescheduled my epi for Tuesday, because my doctor’s office hasn’t sent the proper referrals over yet. That’s a peeve… I got my rides and such all lined up, and now I get to rework it again. I’m looking quite forward to the new insurance company as of 12/1.

Deep One sunning itself in Florida? Possibly…

This is what I want for my next toy… Lindows, the company that ships a version of GNU/Linux that runs most Windows apps, will be shipping a < $500 tablet PC (most tablet PCs to date go for $2000-$3000). The device has wireless networking built in, a nice sharp LCD, and will look mighty fine nestled on my coffee table.