I wish the Spanish channel had English subtitles.

Cool words I rarely have the opportunity to use when speaking and really like.

Those are just the ones that come to mind just now…many more come to mind here and there during the course of the day.

What am I? Heck, it depends on who you ask, and when. I’ve been considered all sorts of stuff from a misshapen gopher-thing to an iridescent insect man to a mass of seething twine to a yeti with buzz saws for hands to a bouquet of water lilies and toast.

Latest weirdness my news spiders have brought back – Honestly sounds like the aftermath of a ritual of some sort to me, especially considering the poor guy’s profession.

One of the best pages for fonts ever.

We have a tornado watch!

best quotable poem from a car commercial –

The poem in the Chevrolet Tahoe commercial is called “Nobody Knows It But Me” written by Patrick O’Leary with the voice-over by James Garner. The words of the poem are as follows:

There’s a place that I travel
When I want to roam
And nobody knows it but me.

The roads don’t go there
And the signs stay home
And nobody knows it but me.

It’s far far away
And way way afar
It’s over the moon and the sea
And whenever you’re going
that’s wherever you are
And nobody knows it but me.

That’s beautiful. More commercials should be an introduction to poetry. It reminds me a bit of a fragment of a poem (the rest of which is lost to the dust of memory) called Green Banana Moon. I don’t remember the dream portions, but instead only the refrain sticks in my noggin. Perhaps later I’ll be able to pry the rest free later.

every night we see a moon
it never looks the same
there’s one that’s full
and one that’s sliced
and one that has a name.

searching with its moonbeam
its glow will find us soon
and once it does
we’re sure to dream
beneath the green banana moon.

I’d like to take hold of my beloved and dream with her right now under the green banana moon. Happy dreams. pleasant waves of bliss and cheer.