oh, the links you’ll find.

But Will He Fight Mecha-Streisand? – There’s a plan in place to build a monument to Bob Hope (do you youngsters even know who that is?) for his tireless efforts in entertaining U.S. troops throughout various periods of war and peace. They’ve got a nice spot picked out in San Diego, and funds are being raised to begin construction.

They’re also planning an animatronic Hope that will emit one-liners and old vaudeville routines. This is where it gets creepy. “Let history come to life as you hear motion-activated recordings of Bob Hope telling jokes, while five full-size statues representing each military branch (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard) respond with the hearty laughter of those who so appreciated Bob Hopes efforts to improve their morale.” A memorial with a laugh track. A scary place to be trapped at night, I bet.

A pentagram with Bob Hope at every point. That’s got to be some sort of evil demon-summoning thing.

Amish family killed in buggy collision – It may very well be time for the Amish to consider moving into the 20th century, or at least the late 19th. This is the second such accident in a month. I can understand dying for your principles, but this seems preventable. Or, they could just use this.

Art Nouveau – Comic Book Style – some great stuff…some not so much so, but the majority is quite good.. Interesting theme idea, Dig Batgirl and Wonder Woman, or this group… Ivy reminds me of my sweetheart there, again. Warning, some of the links there contain nudity, but pretty tasteful.

I had amazingly erotic and exciting dreams earlier. Wow. I mean WOW. I won’t share details in public, but holy moley.

Reading my email this morning, for some reason I thought I saw mark as *undead* rather than unread. I guess that’s for all the email from zombies and vampires that I get.

Hooray! Paypal is up and running! in time for Christmas. 🙂 Now, I just have to wait for direct deposit before I can earmark any funds for the holidays. (Even though I have it again, I still need to budget)

oh yeah, baby…. milk bottle of the week. more proof that every flippin’ thing is on the net.

Nifty site – Omar Zabir’s Portal. It’s a DHTML/Javascript tour de force. Pretty amazing… very well written and quite complete. (I get leery of sites that dominate your whole desktop experience though… a windows simulation that’s a little too close.)

I want waffles, or potato pancakes for breakfast/ lunch. I’m not hungry, but craving some comfort food.

wow.. some miniatures are super expensive. (for what they are) The living room sets are nearly as costly as a *real* one!

Looks like if I want my tiny versions of myself and m’dearest to go on a picnic, I’m going to have to make the basket myself. The day that it cost’s more to feed my toys than myself is the day I perfect my own skills. I’d like to make a dollhouse for my sweetie…I’m sure she’d let me play along with my superheroes and monsters and such.

The presidential halo… I can hardly believe that wasn’t posed.

Newt’s being adorable, but a slob. bringing his food into bed with me to eat by my side. AwwwwW *brushing kibble-crumbs out of the bed*

edbook‘s latest image is fantastic! I’m frequently impressed by what he shares, and this one is just really keen (plus, he’s a really nice guy, from my perspective)